Passing through the rain

Drop,drop.The rain was falling down hard and rough like the ground was calling the unknown forces of the sky to wet it.Cars passed,scratching the imposing surface of the road,splashing marvelous water in every possible direction. Linda was at the bus station,taking every bit of scenery into view.Her grey-blue eyes matched the colours of the sky,her blood-red dress tightening her body along with the black as night high-heeled boots made an amazing combination with the bitter-sweetness of the rain.She looked rather happy,a bright smile on her face.Linda had been waiting for over one hour and no one was to be seen through the drops of the painful rain.

Time passed.People walked slowly,their steps mixed with the nature’s  purity.Colourful umbrellas could be seen with every turning of the head.Hope was flooding Linda’s soul just like a beam of light on a sorrowful cloudy day.”Why is he late?” she kept repeating to herself over and over again as the tone of her voice started getting lower and lower each time.Tears ran down her chubby red cheeks  with no possibility of stopping them.Pain filled her body,each pounding of the heart-felt as if a piece of her soul was taken away from this world in an empty space,imprisoned forever between memories of happiness.Her life was drained,without any trace of the girl she used to be.Nostalgia surrounded every part of beauty left,painting it in a shapeless and undefined patterns of black.
“Don’t give up!” , her conscience echoed low in a hidden place of her mind.She tried to see the bright side,but she couldn’t.Linda was not focused on the person who was supposed to meet,instead her eyes drifted to the sound of the pouring rain as memories,happy ones,took her to a better place where no one was suffering.
They say love is the most beautiful feeling,but for the innocent girl at the bus station with an open wound at the core of her heart,love was a curse.Maybe deep down,the truth was that none of it was true,that caring for someone is magnificent,but right there a changing  process was growing as her heart was bleeding once and forever for someone who didn’t even think about the existence of the girl.


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