Why I love reading books

Books, books.You just open one and drown in a world full of mysteries, explore new realms, become captivated by the characters.Reading is amazing.You discover so many great things not only about yourself, but also about the world around you.Some make you smile, some make you cry and some make you keep them in you heart forever.Some books heal.

I love reading and I always will.I think it’s great, because you loose yourself and feel exactly what the character feels in that moment.After finishing a good book you understand life better or at least that’s how it is for me.Each books that leaves a mark on me is a book that changes me little by little.Why?I don’t know.Maybe I feel some empathy towards the main character or I enjoy the story way too much.All the time I like to take examples of certain qualities that I wish I had myself. Models that show me how I should love, how I should deal with pain, how I  should enjoy life.

Maybe that’s why I like so much to read a good story.It fills me with an urge to change something about me.Some books marked me more deeply than others.I have many favourite books.If I am talking about love, I will always mention: “The Great Gatsby”, “Dear John”, “The Fault in Our Stars”, “The Notebook”, “A Walk to Remember”.There are others as well, but these  are very well-known.

My models are seldom real people.In books,I find some qualities underlined more than others and sometimes I understand how to overcome difficulties in my life.Sometimes they made you forget with their magic spells about the suffering around us.Books will always be one of my best friends and I will always find something greater about me while reading.I think that some of them contain spells that make me  read further without stopping.I think that every book has magic in their covers and the ending, whether is good or bad, shows us that the life of the characters stop.This is the biggest difference between a book and life.In life you go on and on, but in books there is an ending.



Wounds and Scars

“The marks humans leave are too often scars.”― John GreenThe Fault in Our Star

Unfortunately, this is true.We hurt a lot of people during our life.Sometimes we don’t even realize it.We manage to hurt some by purpose, but some without even realizing it.Other times, our only choice is to hurt them, even though we don’t want to.Maybe they are our friends, relatives, lovers or other types of people.It doesn’t matter.Humans leave too often scars on someone for life and it would be too heartbreaking for you to know how many people were left with marks just because of your actions.

The best part is that wounds heal.Times heal everything.No, I don’t agree.Why?Because time just goes by incredibly fast and we go along with it.The pain lessens and we kind of heal, but never completely.For instance, when you love someone once you will always love them.Your feelings lessen, pass a little bit, but they never disappear.It’s exactly the same thing with wounds left forever in your soul.What is amazing about them is that you have a choice.Hurting someone is inevitable at some point in your life, but healing is your decision.You can choose to suffer for the rest of your life or you can choose to grow from the experience and become better than before.That’s why I love my scars.I learned lessons in the hard way, because that is me.I never listen to people telling me not to do that, or not to feel that, because a part of me just says “No.I know that maybe you are right, but sometimes I need to listen to my heart and see with my own eyes”.And I did.So many times.

Scars remained within my soul and they will last as long as I am alive, but I look around me and I am grateful for being blessed with friends, a family that loves me and the fact that I am healthy.I always wanted to help people and make them happy.Never hurt them.The cruel truth is you can’t.You need to understand.I am just saying that sometimes is good for them to be hurt.That’s how we become better, by making mistakes.I hurt people and I am sorry, but I can never bring them back without those wounds.They changed.Suffering makes you change, wounds, scars, they become a part of you and you keep them hidden in a chest.Only you posses the key.See your scars and wounds as lessons.Be grateful because you have them.Some people on Earth may not be that lucky to become so wise.I am young, but I think I know what I am talking about.

The most painful scar is when your heart brakes.Shatters in pieces and you just don’t know where to start putting them back together.Just don’t.What I always tried to do was not giving myself enough time for my heart to heal.Just ignoring the feelings that were exactly in front of me.Time.My friend, time.It really made me fully understand the importance of not putting bandages over a wound.If you put a bandage over an injury that doesn’t mean it will go away.No, it will hurt more and more each time you create a new one over it.Take down the bandage.If you are smart enough not to cover your pain, I am really proud of you.

The good part of scars made by love is the moment you realize how truly you love.I guess I could only appreciate my scars after discovering this.I will always care for people and help them in whatever way I can.I am not strong enough not to cry if a piece of my heart shatters.I will, but everybody does it, right?I am not perfect and I have so many scars I can’t even count, but this is certain:I choose to see them with good eyes.Wounds are experience and experience makes you wiser.I learn from them every day, they don’t pass, they lessen.I don’t want them to pass, I want them to stay.Why?Simply because they made me who I am today.They made me change in so many ways and I don’t hate people who hurt me.I thank them for making me see that I can survive the worst times and cherish the good times.I think that’s what we should do:forgive those who hurt us.They made us greater.They showed us how to survive through the storm of life and they helped us to become fighters.

Here are some quotes that inspired me:

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” ― Kahlil Gibran

It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.” ― Rose Kennedy

“Some people see scars, and it is wounding they remember. To me they are proof of the fact that there is healing.” ― Linda Hogan

Everyone always wants to know how you can tell when it’s true love, and the answer is this: when the pain doesn’t fade and the scars don’t heal, and it’s too damned late.” ― Jonathan TropperThe Book of Joe




What are you afraid of ?


“We define ourselves by the best that is in us, not the worst that has been done to us.”― Edward Lewis

Do you agree?I certainly find this saying very inspiring not just because it’s true, but also because I feel the words while reading them. It’s amazing how reading something can change your whole day. Anyway, I just wanted to share it with you guys.

Today’s topic is something that really made me question life and the way humans react in certain situations.I am very fascinated by fear.I am fully aware that is not a very common subject and maybe that’s exactly why I want to get into this whole “fear” field.If I can call it like that.Well, I am pretty proud to admit that I got scared at some point, just because of a dream and I decided to find out everything about this huge concept.So, I found out that fear kind of doesn’t exist.This really shocked me.I mean how is this possible if you feel it?The answer is kind of tricky.When you get scared your mind just makes up negative scenarios about the situation and your body reacts like a defensive system.The thing is your body is in an attack mode by reacting and you feel side effects ike the speeding of your pulse and so on.Negative thoughts overwhelm your mind and just like that your scared.

I didn’t really wish to find information about how the emotion works, but it’s important if you want to stop it.I know it sounds impossible, but it’s not.I am currently trying to do so.While you get scared and your body is reacting you should just relax it and fill your mind with positive thoughts.At first,everything is intense,because the information that your brain receive are very different.Then, everything starts to be less terrifying .Sometimes it’s very hard to do this.Another trick that you can try is actually agree  that you are vulnerable.Why?When you admit that you are weak that’s the point where you become strong.

For me some of this stuff worked.Mainly, the first one.The other one, made me even more afraid than before.Still, I was not very satisfied with the research and I started again.I discovered the fact that there are two universal emotions: fear and love.If you don’t live in love, you leave in fear.I realized that this may be the key to the solution of making the feeling of fear disappear. It was very difficult for me to admit, but yes I live in fear most of the time.Recently, I tried to live just by loving and my life is better.I don’t mean living in fear means being scared all the time, but just thinking negative, looking down on yourself, hating others.That’s just enough for a life ruled by fear and most of us really do this without even knowing.I was so amazed and grateful at the same time.I come to understand that the opposite of fear is love.Nothing new, but  becoming conscious of the power that love has over me  was st too complex to be described using words.It was magic.(not really, but you understand what I mean ) I managed to know myself better and develop.Now, almost all the time, I feel a great sensation of peace from inside and I am happy for everything that happened to me.

I encourage everyone not to think about overcoming fear.That’s not the answer.The answer is to live while loving.Not loving just your boyfriend/girlfriend, but loving the people around you, yourself and then,your life.Maybe still fear exists for me and I can’t stop it so fast, but I know that I will,someday.Then, I will smile and think that the journey was worth it.Love is the answer to the unsaid question.If you have love , you have everything.Your free.If you have fear, your limited.Love makes you a free person that is capable to overcome whatever comes and still feel good about failing.Fear makes you a prisoner, helps you to suffer and hate everyone.Which one would you choose?

I know that I will always choose love, because there is nothing greater than this.

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.  –Dorothy Thompson

I suggest you to start living.


Different perspectives

“I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.” ― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

“But I believe in true love, you know? I don’t believe that everybody gets to keep their eyes or not get sick or whatever, but everybody should have true love, and it should last at least as long as your life does.” ― John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars

Love.These quotes are from one of my favourite books: “The  Fault in Our Stars”.I don’t know how many of you had read it,  and if you hadn’t you definitely should.I love it.Not because it is just a random love story, but because it taught me some lessons for life.I was inspired by this book and I think I will continue to be.Maybe it is about two ill people that suffer from cancer:Hazel and Augustus, but their love story is not the classic type.It has many heartbreaking moments and the ending is just great.This should be the main idea, but I can never capture the essence of this book in just fewer words.

I want to talk about how love is described in these two sayings written above.I pretty like how John Green describes this complex feeling and in a way it captures my idea.Our perspectives are different, but their end up in the same spot like an x.It crosses paths and then separates, but  there is a center where the lines cross.The main idea is that love is a very powerful feeling, which every human being experience at some point in their lives.All those butterflies and cute stuff, which sometimes are silly, and other times are beautiful, create a magic spell and this is exactly where I want to say that true love should last, as John Green said: “it should last as long as your life does.” The other saying pretty much catches the main idea of the triumph of some sort in love.No matter what’s going to happen or how much the suffering  is going to last, the character will still love Hazel.

So, I also want to say that I don’t agree with falling in love.There is another book from John Green that talks about how this feeling is about falling and landing.But no.I think it’s about rising.Everybody says they are falling in love, like love is some kind of a bad stuff or a hole you are falling to.No, it shouldn’t be like that.We just see the dark side of it when we say fall.When you fall you get hurt, right?Why isn’t it called rising, then?Falling seems so related to suffering.I really don’t like it.If everybody will say “I rise in love”, it will mean the side of this feeling that makes life worth leaving.Not the bad one.The magic one.Love is a magic spell and sometimes we are not conscious of its power.So, I don’t know if I am right or wrong but rising means changing and everybody who loves, learns and develop in a better way.That’s why, for me, love is not about falling or suffering , it’s about rising from the ashes like a phoenix bird.I choose to see this part of love not only because I am a positive person, but because loving someone has more benefits than downsides.I hope you will get my point here and I am really glad if someone shares my opinion.I am taking this little step:to believe that we rise, not only fall, and it’s not just about landing, but about the journey until we land.Love makes life worth living.


What home visits taught me

Hey, guys 🙂 I know I don’t talk about my life pretty much, but I really wanna share something about my experience as a translator.So, I’ve been translating for an american student that came to Romania and we went to visit an old lady that is actually pretty nice.I got to know her better, both the student and the lady, and now that my friend is leaving in a few days to go back to Ohio I just wanna say that I will miss her.We developed a beautiful relationship, became friends and helped someone.I found this amazing in all possible ways.First of all, because I’ve learned to be more patient and that is allright to make mistakes.I am not perfect and I can’t translate word by word, because sometimes it’s pretty hard to understand my own language as funny as it seems.I am looking back at my first home visit, which was pretty awkward.I was so stressed and tensed about it, but now everything is just like a piece of cake for me.I had the wonderful chance to develop a friendship with Ashley, the student whom I work with, and to know better an old lady with a fascinating life story.

I learned about history, the communist period, and also I was encouraged indirectly to follow my dreams.I understood that sometimes life can be hard and you can come across some difficult times that will test your ability as a person, but the important thing is not to give up.My job was appreciated and I got sweets from the lady, a hand-made card along with chocolate from Ashley.I can admit, and I hope this doesn’t seem like I am boasting on some sort, that I am pretty proud of me for what I achieved and I am looking forward to new experiences like this in the future.I will keep visiting this person and I will also keep in touch with Ashley.

I understand that leaving is hard and there is not such thing as a “goodbye”, because when someone goes somewhere far from you and you don’t get to see that person often is hard and painful as well.I grew up a lot in this time spent with these to persons and I hope that someday I will see Ashley again.

Here are two sayings from here wrote on the hand-made card.Hope you will enjoy them.

“Life isn’t about the breaths we take,but the moments that take your breath away.”

“You should clothe yourselves Instead with the beauty That comes from within,
The unfading beauty Of a gentle and quiet Spirit, which is so Precious to God.

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