An amazing festival

The smell of sugar apples was so powerful that it made you to buy one. Tents were aligned on each side of the road, with crafts to be sold. Music was piercing the outside noises,giving the festival a rhytmic atmosphere.The Main Street was crowded. Dozens of people with warm,friendly eyes and bright smiles were admiring the various stalls.

”Variety of life’ , Isabelle thought as she was adjusting her eyes to take the scenery into focus. She glanced up, admiring the blackness of the sky , painted with flickering sparkles which everybody called stars. Perfect purity in contact with nature. Suddenly,she was at peace with everything.It was harmony between what she thought and what she felt. A wide smile formed on her lips like a beam of light on a cloudy day.If her eyes weren’t open she wouldn’t know if she was dreaming or not.

”Boom!”, an astonishing sound shook her insides, an uncomfortable sensation settled over her again. Fireworks flooded the over-powering beauty of the sky. The colours deepened, burned more intensely as an ascending joy was filling the air. Each ticking of the clock formed a mythical aura over the whole festival. Lije itsfel awoken in true beauty, capturing everyone staring at the sky with childish expressions.

This was no ordinary day.Happiness sneaked through a door she never knew she had left open. This was a whole lot better than she could ever imagine. It was sweet and wonderful at the same time.

”Sometimes you wake up from a dream, sometimes you live in a dream ” , said Isabelle in a low,warming tone. Her excitement was increasing as she let her guard down to admire the grace of the world.

It is said that it takes a lot of time to achieve perfection , but at that moment everything was perfect. A dream came true.


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