Happiness, Peace and Time

Everybody tell you to be happy.Even when you grow up your parents always encourage you to smile and enjoy your life.What does being happy really mean?I hadn’t known the answer to this question for a long period of time.My way of thinking was that happiness is actually about pleasing others.My parents,my friends,society.Sadly,all those things didn’t actually made me a happy person.They made me look down on myself,thinking that I could never be good enough to help everyone that I cared about.As time passed,the circumstances helped me to understand a little part of  this concept of happiness and along with it a part of  life itself.I can honestly say that I found out,to my amazement,that in order to be happy I need to do what I like,not counting on others to bring joy in my life.Well,I understand that a lot of people can make you smile,but relying on them all the time just for you to be happy is a huge mistake.I did it.I’m not perfect.

Finding my path was not easy.Realizing what I want and admitting that I can do something useful with my life,developing myself brought along peace to my soul.Not happiness.Peace.I guess that having peace in your life is more important than having happiness.Peace with your past,your mind and your soul.Peace with yourself,with who you are and who you want to be.I am glad that I found that peace I didn’t even know I was seeking.All the time I envied others for what they had,but I don’t want to keep bad feelings in my life.I want everything that it’s good and helpful for me to develop further.

Another concept:Time.I don’t know how people see time in general.For a long period of time I saw it like an enemy that destroyed everything around me.I didn’t realize that I was actually the one to blame.How could you blame such an abstract concept as time for your mistakes when you are the responsible one?Days passed,I was happy,I was sad,I felt a lot of emotions and I had good and bad days.At some point,I understood that time is actually one of my friends.With the passing of moments people realize a lot of stuff.For example,I became fully aware of my talents,of how lucky I am for being healthy and I decided that I shouldn’t waste my time anymore.So,I started to develop as a person.Be better in whatever way I could.

That’s me.Just a random person.I know that I am special,because I am different from anybody else.Every person is.I found peace and happiness,create a new path for the course of my life and I am very proud of what I achieved.Even though I am just beginning I know that,in the end,everything will be worth it.Time will show me if my decisions are good or bad.If my change is for the better or for the worse I will find out with the help of my friend:time.

Not only I understood what is important for me with the passing of time,but I came to accept that society cannot define me as a person.No one has the right to judge me and I don’t have the right to judge others.I am who I am and as long as I decide to keep good things in my life and get away from the suffering I am pleased with myself.Hating someone will get me stuck with feelings that bring sadness.I know that I am judged,envied,hated and so on but it is not my fault.If  people want to waste their precious life with talking about others I suggest they should keep doing it and see where that leads.It is not my business to punish others.This is just what I think.I am at peace with the person I am today and I hope that one day I will become better.This is me.I made mistakes.I learned from them.I have amazing friends and I see life as a journey or a playground where everybody builds something.

Note:In my opinion,if you want to build something that will last forever don’t be materialist.Don’t seek lots of money,fame,expensive things,because when you die all those things go away.Just try to build something that will last forever by being someone who people will remember simply by doing good things and spreading love.

Thank you for reading this and I am very glad if I could inspire or help you in any possible way with my thoughts.


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