What home visits taught me

Hey, guys 🙂 I know I don’t talk about my life pretty much, but I really wanna share something about my experience as a translator.So, I’ve been translating for an american student that came to Romania and we went to visit an old lady that is actually pretty nice.I got to know her better, both the student and the lady, and now that my friend is leaving in a few days to go back to Ohio I just wanna say that I will miss her.We developed a beautiful relationship, became friends and helped someone.I found this amazing in all possible ways.First of all, because I’ve learned to be more patient and that is allright to make mistakes.I am not perfect and I can’t translate word by word, because sometimes it’s pretty hard to understand my own language as funny as it seems.I am looking back at my first home visit, which was pretty awkward.I was so stressed and tensed about it, but now everything is just like a piece of cake for me.I had the wonderful chance to develop a friendship with Ashley, the student whom I work with, and to know better an old lady with a fascinating life story.

I learned about history, the communist period, and also I was encouraged indirectly to follow my dreams.I understood that sometimes life can be hard and you can come across some difficult times that will test your ability as a person, but the important thing is not to give up.My job was appreciated and I got sweets from the lady, a hand-made card along with chocolate from Ashley.I can admit, and I hope this doesn’t seem like I am boasting on some sort, that I am pretty proud of me for what I achieved and I am looking forward to new experiences like this in the future.I will keep visiting this person and I will also keep in touch with Ashley.

I understand that leaving is hard and there is not such thing as a “goodbye”, because when someone goes somewhere far from you and you don’t get to see that person often is hard and painful as well.I grew up a lot in this time spent with these to persons and I hope that someday I will see Ashley again.

Here are two sayings from here wrote on the hand-made card.Hope you will enjoy them.

“Life isn’t about the breaths we take,but the moments that take your breath away.”

“You should clothe yourselves Instead with the beauty That comes from within,
The unfading beauty Of a gentle and quiet Spirit, which is so Precious to God.


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