What are you afraid of ?


“We define ourselves by the best that is in us, not the worst that has been done to us.”― Edward Lewis

Do you agree?I certainly find this saying very inspiring not just because it’s true, but also because I feel the words while reading them. It’s amazing how reading something can change your whole day. Anyway, I just wanted to share it with you guys.

Today’s topic is something that really made me question life and the way humans react in certain situations.I am very fascinated by fear.I am fully aware that is not a very common subject and maybe that’s exactly why I want to get into this whole “fear” field.If I can call it like that.Well, I am pretty proud to admit that I got scared at some point, just because of a dream and I decided to find out everything about this huge concept.So, I found out that fear kind of doesn’t exist.This really shocked me.I mean how is this possible if you feel it?The answer is kind of tricky.When you get scared your mind just makes up negative scenarios about the situation and your body reacts like a defensive system.The thing is your body is in an attack mode by reacting and you feel side effects ike the speeding of your pulse and so on.Negative thoughts overwhelm your mind and just like that your scared.

I didn’t really wish to find information about how the emotion works, but it’s important if you want to stop it.I know it sounds impossible, but it’s not.I am currently trying to do so.While you get scared and your body is reacting you should just relax it and fill your mind with positive thoughts.At first,everything is intense,because the information that your brain receive are very different.Then, everything starts to be less terrifying .Sometimes it’s very hard to do this.Another trick that you can try is actually agree  that you are vulnerable.Why?When you admit that you are weak that’s the point where you become strong.

For me some of this stuff worked.Mainly, the first one.The other one, made me even more afraid than before.Still, I was not very satisfied with the research and I started again.I discovered the fact that there are two universal emotions: fear and love.If you don’t live in love, you leave in fear.I realized that this may be the key to the solution of making the feeling of fear disappear. It was very difficult for me to admit, but yes I live in fear most of the time.Recently, I tried to live just by loving and my life is better.I don’t mean living in fear means being scared all the time, but just thinking negative, looking down on yourself, hating others.That’s just enough for a life ruled by fear and most of us really do this without even knowing.I was so amazed and grateful at the same time.I come to understand that the opposite of fear is love.Nothing new, but  becoming conscious of the power that love has over me  was st too complex to be described using words.It was magic.(not really, but you understand what I mean ) I managed to know myself better and develop.Now, almost all the time, I feel a great sensation of peace from inside and I am happy for everything that happened to me.

I encourage everyone not to think about overcoming fear.That’s not the answer.The answer is to live while loving.Not loving just your boyfriend/girlfriend, but loving the people around you, yourself and then,your life.Maybe still fear exists for me and I can’t stop it so fast, but I know that I will,someday.Then, I will smile and think that the journey was worth it.Love is the answer to the unsaid question.If you have love , you have everything.Your free.If you have fear, your limited.Love makes you a free person that is capable to overcome whatever comes and still feel good about failing.Fear makes you a prisoner, helps you to suffer and hate everyone.Which one would you choose?

I know that I will always choose love, because there is nothing greater than this.

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.  –Dorothy Thompson

I suggest you to start living.



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