Why I love reading books

Books, books.You just open one and drown in a world full of mysteries, explore new realms, become captivated by the characters.Reading is amazing.You discover so many great things not only about yourself, but also about the world around you.Some make you smile, some make you cry and some make you keep them in you heart forever.Some books heal.

I love reading and I always will.I think it’s great, because you loose yourself and feel exactly what the character feels in that moment.After finishing a good book you understand life better or at least that’s how it is for me.Each books that leaves a mark on me is a book that changes me little by little.Why?I don’t know.Maybe I feel some empathy towards the main character or I enjoy the story way too much.All the time I like to take examples of certain qualities that I wish I had myself. Models that show me how I should love, how I should deal with pain, how I  should enjoy life.

Maybe that’s why I like so much to read a good story.It fills me with an urge to change something about me.Some books marked me more deeply than others.I have many favourite books.If I am talking about love, I will always mention: “The Great Gatsby”, “Dear John”, “The Fault in Our Stars”, “The Notebook”, “A Walk to Remember”.There are others as well, but these  are very well-known.

My models are seldom real people.In books,I find some qualities underlined more than others and sometimes I understand how to overcome difficulties in my life.Sometimes they made you forget with their magic spells about the suffering around us.Books will always be one of my best friends and I will always find something greater about me while reading.I think that some of them contain spells that make me  read further without stopping.I think that every book has magic in their covers and the ending, whether is good or bad, shows us that the life of the characters stop.This is the biggest difference between a book and life.In life you go on and on, but in books there is an ending.


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