The Golden Rule

Being thankful for what we have is actually one of the most important lessons that we should learn in our life.Gratitude is a powerful act of love that brings peace in our life.
The saying manages to show in few words what true love really means.It’s never about doing something good for someone and always expecting something in return.Also, it’s not about saying “you owe me” after each little action that you  do in order to make someone else happy.Actually, it is the opposite of all those things.This is the reason why the sun never says to the earth “you owe me”.If it would have done that we would probably live in the darkness instead of the light.What could earth offer to the sun?Pretty much nothing.
Even nature teaches us that we should love truly.I’m not talking specifically about the love that is required in a relationship, but a love that should be part of our life every day,”a love that lights the whole sky”.
Each one of us should live a life loving the others, but we are not perfect and we make mistakes often.It is fine.We are allowed to do that, but at least we have to try to show our inner love to everybody although they might treat us as we wouldn’t want to be treated.It’s just one simple rule that conquers the others and that’s why it’s called the golden rule:“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”-Luke 6:31
Most importantly, do everything with love and dedication and you will feel happy for making people smile no matter how they treat you.It’s hard to do this, but i’s worth it.



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