The Broken Guitar

The rays of light made their way easily through the tree branches.Some got caught on Emily’s hair and a smile formed on her lips.She was writing something in her rainbow-coloured notebook, full of drawings and bitter-sweet stories.Occasionally there were some heartbreaking poems, too.The thing is, writing was her life.Words scattered on some merely pages gave her power to make people feel the way she felt.”You make art when you write”, someone told her once.The way she could do it remained a mystery that she would never quite truly comprehend.It all started with the boy approaching her in a friendly way.
He was taller than her with green eyes and brown hair.Very fashionable, as always, the boy wore a black shirt and blue jeans that fit him perfectly.
“Hi”, he said shyly in a low tone, almost afraid to bother her.
“Hello, Mike.What’s up?”, she smiled at him playfully.
“I…I mean…I am sorry, Em.You know?”, he told her and his eyes looked sad, almost shattered like some broken pieces of glass.
“Sorry for what?”
“I mean…I am sorry…For breaking your heart.I didn’t want to do it and i love our friendship and you seem like such a nice person and….”
“Stop” , she started laughing so hard that some people turned around to look at them.The boy felt embarrassed a little bit and blushed.
“Come.Sit next to me.”
He didn’t really understood how but he felt his feet moving and suddenly he was down on the bench, sitting next to her.
“Let me tell you a story..”
“Is it a sad one?”
“Maybe.Maybe not.”, she smiled and started to speak clearly in a magical way:
“Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted so badly to play the guitar , but she couldn’t.The chords of the instrument have been broken and no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t fix them.It was like a spell.Then, one day, no different from any other, a boy came around and fixed them for her.He didn’t ask for anything in return, but she gave him the most precious gift: her heart.She spent many days singing with him, laughing and joking around.They became close friends and she was always happy, because he filled a void in her life.Many months passed.After that, the boy just vanished out of the blue.She searched for him, everywhere, but she couldn’t find him.The girl cried herself to sleep every night and she was so sad.At some point everything was just too much and she wanted to play a song, to remember him.She took the guitar and a paper fell down on the floor from inside.On the paper were just some simple words “the meaning of happiness: find it “.She didn’t get it at first and smashed the guitar as tears ran down her cheeks.”
“Wait…what happenes to the boy?”
“Getting there.Be patient….She never called him again, because she didn’t have to…and the story ends with just some words written on his paper: I found it”
“I don’t get it.It doesn’t make any sense.It ends like that?”
“Yeah…what is the problem?”
“Where is him?He was her friend.How could he vanish like that?It is not fair…”
“Don’t you get it?The story it’s not about him.It’s about her.The way she understood what happiness really is.She didn’t need him anymore, because she knew that as long as you keep someone in your heart, you don’t lose them.”
“Why did you tell me that story?”
“To show you that you didn’t broke my heart.You fixed me.I found the meaning of happiness.”
“What is it?The meaning?”
“Being who you are.No matter what others tell you.Living your life and loving yourself.I think it is different for each person, but this is my opinion.The girl from the story had a life in shape of a guitar and the chords were her soul.That’s why they were broken, but he fixed them for her.It wasn’t fair.He knew it.That’s why he left.To let her heal her own soul and find peace.”
They both got up and hugged each other.No words were needed.Emily’s broken pieces were healed forever with only one warm hug, a story about a boy, a broken guitar and a piece of paper.


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