No Title Needed

People call you ” rude ” because you have feelings or get easily hurt, but by saying that to you they are actually pointing out their own insecurities.There will always be someone judging or hating you.We don’t have to hide the truth from the world.Let it show.Deep down you will get this urge to fight them, to hate them, but what makes you better?Do you think pumping hate into your veins will heal you?No.What makes you smarter is your attitude.You can never make someone to be the way you want, you can never be responsible for someone else’s actions.You can only be responsible for yourself.Others atitude is not your business.If someone slaps you, turn the other cheek.If being kind, loving, caring determine people to hate you, let them.If ” rude ” means having feelings, I want to be called that.If being a caring person makes others laugh, then do it.If loving someone means being pointed at, I take the risk.I am chosing my way like you do.

Everybody goes through this at some point in life and it is okay to feel so many emotions, to feel like you can’t handle it.It’s okay to cry and let it all out.It’s okay to do whatever the damn thing you want to do.What actually cuts so deep is that people don’t
realize the consequences of their actions.I don’t get why some don’t think twice before saying something, doing something.I don’t want to change the world and I ain’t God out here.Life ain’t fair, the world ain’t fair.We have to deal with it.If we don’t what’s going to happen?People will always put you in a box and try to wound you in any possible way: lie to you, betray you, hate you, speak about you, leave you behind, ignore you, bully you.It just reminds me of Carrie, from Stephen King’s novel.We all are too rough or too sensitive in some situations.We all feel that we will blow up at some point.Truth is, we shouldn’t be defined by society, we should be defined by our response to others actions.That is the most rounded mirror in the whole wide world.Just be better, always.Spread love, not hate.No matter how much of a burden it seems, it’s not.It is a special gift that you are allowing yourself to receive.You just need to accept it.No matter how hard it may seem.

So, go on.Hate me, cut me , wound me if that makes you better.I am waiting.





The way I love you is…..

So simple and profound..

Like a single tear which touch a cheek

Like words scaterred on paper

Or maybe like the way you miss someone who says “see you later”.

The way I love you is so right

Like happiness on children’s faces

And even like the drops of rain on angry cloudy daisies.

My love for you echoes like music

Or whispers people’s name

As love can sometimes be

A really tough, addicting game.

My love for you is like a smile without an end.

The way I love you is like peace and war

Sunshine and rain

Happiness and pain.

The way I love you is a promise

Burried deep in my own heart

Full of magical miracles

Containing tears and doubt.

The way I love you can’t be described

Neither by feelings nor mind

Because you can’t tell someone how innocence feels like

And you can’t tell the world how much a heart can fight.






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