Once upon a time I knew a girl with a warm smile

When she was five she used to play outside with the boys

Running all day without a care,

Believing in Santa Clause and stupid fairytales.

She saw the world as a game

And she was happy.

When she was seven she asked her mother if she may go to a pyjama party with the boys

Her mom got mad,

But she couldn’t understand why then.

The world seemed a little bit more harsh,

But she didn’t mind

Because her best friends were always by her side

And she was allright.

When she was twelve she found out that some girls were mean

While she cried herself to sleep.

One of her best friends moved away,

The other one slowly drifted apart,

Only one remained true to her heart.

She didn’t believe in fairytales anymore

Just watched the world from her tiny window

And she was growing up.

When she was fourteen she had her heart shattered to pieces

Between a Taylor Swift song and two broken bones

Trying so hard to understand why the trees change in the fall

Suffered so much because the sky was a dark grey

That seemed way too bold

And she was cold-hearted.

At fifteen she got repeatedly hurt

Started to clearly understand why the colour of the leaves changes

And the sky was a dark red

While she watched children playing outside

Thinking that one day she were like them

And she was learning.

When she was sixteen she wished she never were

‘Cause she blindly fell in love.

Touching his lips was poison

But she still ached for his touch.

By the time they broke up she had lots of friends

And a mother who supported all her wrongs

And she was beginning to be strong.

At seventeen she already knew better

That trees have to change in the fall

And that the girl who once she called her best friend was gone.

She understood why hearts were meant to break

And that some relationships were meant to fall apart

Leaving scars that would eventually heal in time.

She discovered that she could write poems

While wearing her heart on her sleeve

And she realised that the world could be heartbreaking beautiful after all.

The sky she used to watch was a light gold

And she grew up.

P.S: I was inspired by this amazing poem: