A piece of heaven

Hey, guys.Today I wanted to do something different so I thought that it was a good idea to share with you something that my friends did because they are very smart and creative people.It is actually something about my hometown.You know what they say ” Home sweet home”, right?I can’t help but fall in love with this town because of the memories which are carved on every piece of the concrete that I walk on and the history well kept inside its “walls”. I see it as a place of fairytales coming to life.
This is what I found out when I questioned my amazing friends:
This video is a unique time lapse which tries to show the beauty of Sighisoara’ s Citadel, the heart of our town.The video begins, of course, with the statue of Vlad the Impaler known as Dracula, whom is a symbol of Transylvania.Not only that, but the beginning effect is dramatic, mysterious and the sky effect following after the statue sets an atmosphere of harmony from the very beginning.The music is synchronized perfectly with these effects, making every frame seem so peaceful and full of life at the same time.Different from the existent time lapses of Sighisoara, this one uses innovations of hyperlapse, but also combines nature’s beauty with the medieval style of the town.The result: a medieval trip in the heart of Transylvania where vampires are actually real (or not), where the buildings keep scars from the historic events carved on them and where tourist are actually amazed by this town as much as we are.
In the end, there is an image of the Clock Tower, another symbol of Sighisoara, chosen wisely to show again, for the last time,our little piece of heaven.A dramatic effect covers the whole scenery, leaving you breathless, but eager to see this bittersweet town.
You might think that this great video was filmed with a DSLR, but guess what?It was actually filmed with a phone: Htc Desire 600.Unbelievable!So much beauty, onely one phone.
The effects were made with the following programs: Lapse it, Vegas Pro 12, Sony Vegas HD Movie Studio 11, Adobe After Effects CS 6.
My friends are very creative people and they worked very hard to make this idea come to life.Special thanks to them for making such an amazing job.This video for sure won’t go unnoticed.It still seems too good to be true.
Full of happiness to tell me about this they also have a message for the ones viewing the time lapse: “Like, share and subscribe keeps the internet alive.So,like , share and subscribe.”
With no further details I present you this amazing video.Enjoy 🙂


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