They say that love it’s unconditional, but if we are truly honest with ourselves and with the world around us we will see that it is not.Really.Have you ever loved someone without having some expectations?Of course not.We are humans and we always want something from people, especially from the ones we love.We want them to be nice, we want them to smile, we want them to be happy.I may be too blunt at this point, but it makes me angry sometimes that no one really admits this.Maybe I am just way too selfish, but at least I have the guts to admit that I always put conditions when it comes to love.Almost all the time I want the impossible, I want unhappy people to be happy or I want to help everyone.
I truly believe that if love were unconditional, we wouldn’t expect anything in return.I am not talking about ” being loved back” at all.I am talking about the fact that we want them to achieve their dreams, to be happy all the time, to be safe, to be healthy, this kind of stuff.So, I guess that saying we want nothing is a huge lie.

Love is all about moments that take your breath away.I will never deny this.Just next time when you expect something  from your loved one think about that others expect something from you, too.All the time.Sorry to be harsh or rude or whatever, but that’s a form of love.It doesn’t mean it’s not true, it just means that it is and we have to admit it.At least, I need to, because that’s how it’s fair.Yeah, I know that life ain’t fair , but I am trying and I don’t see anything wrong with it.Everybody has their own opinions, this one is mine.


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