New day, new challenge: Trio No. 3.This one is about three words: a fridge, a dark stormy night and a lot of tears.Daily Post gave me the words.Let’s see what I can make out of them.

Drops of rain hit the windowpane of her bedroom.The storm outside was destroying dreams and chances of happiness.. or so it seemed.The lightning made quite an appearance on the dark sky, illuminating the world all around it.The thunder sounded like a scream of help in this majour disaster.

All this time, Miranda was standing quietly in her bedroom: a room which seemed to be made just for her.It was really cozy and it felt like happiness:the walls full of posters with favourite bands and actors, the bed with all the covers she grew up with, some clothes scattered on the  chair next to it, pictures of loved ones staring back at her from the bedstand.All of this felt right, so right, but still there was an emptiness to all of it she couldn’t quite comprehend, a feeling of longing for another place and time, a place far away from here and now, a place of wonders and miracles.A place called home.

She loved all of this, the place, the people, but a part of her still ached to see her parents and her birthplace.She just missed it: missed that way her mother used to wrap her up during the night with covers so that she wouldn’t get cold, missed the house where she grew up, missed her friends and the smiles on people’s faces, missed the old room where she first cried because someone broke her heart, missed everything.A few more days and she would see all of that, patience was the key, but she felt so down she wanted to be right there, right now.Of course it wasn’t possible…

Annoyed, she got up and went to the kitchen to get a midnight snack, because obviously aching to see a place left not only her heart empty but her stomach, as well.The walk to the kitchen was short and she opened the fridge in the blink of an eye.Her favourite snack?It wasn’t actually a snack, it was sweet and it made her happy.”Dear chocolate, I love you.Yummy”, she thought while eating some.At least this calmed her down a little bit.
Then she went back to her room, going to sleep this time.
Tossing and turning in bed, she realized she couldn’t.She had that void in her soul which couldn’t be filled by all of this.What her heart demanded was the frequency of her birthplace because it knew she belonged there.
Accidentally, she touched a heart-shaped necklace which was hanging from her neck and then ….everything fell apart.The girl remembered the first time she opened the box with the necklace inside, the smile formed on her, the sweet look in his eyes and their innocent kiss.

Now, she was crying so hard that her vision blurred and her heart started to break little by little, shattering and crushing everything inside her.She missed him so badly it ripped every piece of her apart.The tears just kept falling down her face while she remembered more and more beautiful moments spent with him, with his gentle touch and innocent smile.The time just kept rolling and rolling just like her memories…
After a while, she stopped crying, comforted by the idea that she would see him in a few days.The contrast between the hurricane outside and inside seemed amazing, the girl and the rain, the happiness and the sadness, all of this because of one gentle and sweet guy who loved her way too much to let her go and a “home sweet home” longing.


Heartwarming friendship

“They were  two children who  grew up way too fast…”

Two children were having fun at the playground

Blood red colour imprinted on their cheeks

And simple smiles exchanged back and forth.

They were just happy in their own little world

With their eyes sparkling like diamonds

And their innocent sweet faces.

They didn’t know what life will prepare for them

They saw the world as a playground…and they played.

Suddenly, the pink flavoured lollipops began to have a different taste

And they dropped the outside world for computer games.

Before realizing, they were teenagers who grew up way too fast.

She was 16 and she went from the cold-hearted girl

To the most vulnerable one

Or better yet to the broken one.

He had a messed up secret too afraid to tell the world about

And somewhere between her tears and his broken down moments

They realized they could never face the world alone,

They needed each other.

Somehow they were those little kids again

Who cried on one’s shoulder because of the broken bruises.

In this case, the only pieces broken were their hearts.

They realized that in life only the strong ones get back up again

And that some wounds would never heal, no matter how much time will pass.

She loved him,

He loved her,

And they both loved each other,

But not in that romantic way,

In that sweet friendship way specific to kids who grew up together.

No matter what will happen, they knew they had each other’s backs

And when they hugged the world fell together one more time

Because they cared about one another.

They could understand even the silence between them..

He wanted her to be happy,

And she wanted him to believe that the world was beautiful no matter how screwed up it may seem.

In the end, they all wanted the same thing

And not only them , but everyone else:

They all wanted to be loved.

The harsh truth: they already are

But they are too blind to see it.

“….but somehow the girl and the boy from the playground,

the little kids who had no idea what the world was all about,

learned the most important thing in the world:

the art of friendship…”


My story…I am so proud of it.

The Fickle Heartbeat

My Almost Lover

Shared by myhappinessisanallegory.

“She missed him.In the most crazy, strange, beautiful way.
She loved him.In the most innocent way of loving someone.”

It was so different.Staying there, looking at nothing in particular, aching to see him. To see his face, to see the spark in his eyes. Most of all, to see his beautiful, compelling smile. It was heartbreaking, yet sweet.

Somewhere deep down she knew that he was not even thinking about her, but it was pointless. She loved him.That was the harsh truth: she loved him so much and it felt right. For the first time in her life it felt so right that tears began to ran down her face. If only he knew…but she was too afraid to tell him and he was so far away and this whole thing was screwed up. She was not supposed to love him and she didn’t plan on it…

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Dedicated to the new daily prompt:
Ready, Set, Done

“She smiled.Her hand was moving easily, touching the piece of paper in front of her with the tip of the pencil.New shapes appeared on the white sheet that used to be blank.Somehow, it was still blank, the figures had no life yet.Colours gave them life, they made them brighter and happier.”

I always used to be drawn to colours.I loved the way they combined to great wonderful miracles.They made the nature come to life and lit a spark of light in the darkness.The special way some colours combined created the rainbow.They also had effects on humans, giving them positive emotions.
Colours brought happiness in my life.My favourite one is blue, but I love the golden colour, too.Colours are so simple, but something about them seems so magical and powerful.Divine, even.

Hidden Stories

I want to apologize because writing more than one post per day is not really my style, but The Daily Post had this great topic about mortality and I couldn’t resist.
Here is their site:
Finite Creatures
For me, it was never a question of being immortal.I just knew we weren’t.Like I had a sixth sense or something about this stuff.The answer to the question “how did you discovered you were not immortal?” it ia pretty clear, I didn’t find out.I just knew.

I grew up with stories about my uncle who was a great person but died when I was little, maybe one or two year old.More than that I always heard my mother talking about her dead father, so it was pretty clear for me that I death existed.I became fascinated by the supernatural stuff and I think that maybe this was one of the reasons.Maybe I would talk about supernatural things with another occasion.That would make quite a story!

To emphasize more the idea of mortality I want to talk about my nearly to death experiences.There were three.

The first one was when I jumped over a border with my little bicycle, I can’t remember how old I was but younger than 14 for sure.I just remember the darkness before jumping.That’s it.Then I woke up on the ground and my bicycle was upside down and everybody was screaming if I was fine.I didn’t even have a scratch.So, I considered myself lucky because I really thought I was closer to death.

The second experience started with a challenge.I was at the pool with my cousin and his best friend.They jumped from 5 metres high but I was so afraid to do it until his best friend challenged me.Never try to challenge me because I am stubborn and I would prove that I can do it.So, I got up there.I didn’t jump in the appropriate way and the way I landed was not good, either.I just felt the water splashing my whole body, hard.And I opened my eyes to see the water above my head.I was so weak that I wanted to give up, not swim at the surface anymore.I started to question myself: ‘Why would I go to the surface?What is so worth fighting for?”.Then something weird happened: I saw the members of my family, smiling and I didn’t need an answer anymore, I just wanted to live.When I got out of the water I was shivering all over and I could barely breathe.Everybody was amazed that I was alive.I kinda was, too.

The third experience happened when I finished middle school, in the summer before high school.I was with my best friend, roller skating.We stopped at the traffic light, we just had to pass this and we were home.When the light turned green I made “two steps” with the roller skates and fell on my right hand.I saw it bending in front of my eyes, then I can’t quite remember well what really happened as everything was fast forward but I saw darkness which lasted only one second but for me was like a lifetime.I had that feeling again, more powerful than when I jumped from 5 metres: I didn’t want to get up, I wanted all to end right there and then.At that point I saw another dear person who looked at me and said: ” Get up.There is so much more fighting for..” and that was enough.I just did.I don’t know how and why , but I did.

To conclude, I want to answer this question ” how did you react when you find out you were not immortal?”.I was scared and I felt hopeless in my nearly to death experiences.The question for me is still “why am I still alive?”.Like in the sense of I could have been dead but I am not.I guess that there are still stuff I have figure out here before I go to the other side.What happened really gave me the feeling that something saved me.
I spent my life thinking that death is terrible and I must admit, I am still scared of it.What I do believe is that we are immortal, maybe our body is mortal, but we can’t be.Einstein said that we are all energy and energy doesn’t die, it transforms.It has to be something after death, something great.I want to tell you that what is after life is great, that we shouldn’t be afraid of death, but I can’t.It would be useless to tell you something that I didn’t even experience.I don’t know what it is , but I think is beautiful.That kind of beautiful which makes you cry.
If you ever been so happy that it made you cry then you do know what I am talking about.

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