Shoutout for a special friend

Friendship, friendship.I guess nothing can be better than having a friend, apart, of course, from being one.For me, this particular friendship is like the sounds made by the piano.The music is so peaceful and powerful and it feels like a part of you becomes empty and another part becomes whole at the same time.

Someone told me once that ” all you need is to feel”  and I really believe that this is what writing is all about.If you can’t make the reader experience what you are going through, in my opinion, you might as well not write at all.For me, writing is life, writing is magic, writing is poison and writing is also my cure.

Today, I will do a favour for a special friend of mine.This friend had recently made a blog.What I like about his blog is that he addresses others with “dear reader” which I do believe creates a special connection between the writer and the random person reading the post.Another amazing thing is that he has creative ideas and his stories are inspired by real life events.I really enjoyed reading the post entitled Goodbyes, because it really makes you think about the way life unfolds in front of us, the way we feel when we are left behind by the people we love.Another post is about Halloween and I am proud to say that I am a character in that one.Hehe.If you want to find out more, please follow my best friend’s blog, because he is a very talented writer.The link of the blog is here, check it out:

With lots of love,

My Happiness Is An Allegory


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