The light gold sky

Hey, friends.Today I want to share with you the second part of “The wide open window”, the second part of the story I was too afraid to publish, because of the powerful emotions that I felt while living it.What I find amazing in this story is that it is not a story at all.It is something that really happened in my life.I would say it happened in a different life, because I am a different person now.No more details, let’s begin…

I wrote Passing through the rain, my first real story.A story that touched people’s hearts and even made me cry.It was a very sad story like my soul in that moment.For me, it was exactly what I needed.My english teacher actually corrected it.I had a few mistakes, but it was no big deal.I had a story , “what now?”, a hidden voice from my mind whispered, but I didn’t listen to it.I went at the place where I saw the wide open window in that rainy day and a friend of mine was there.I told her about my story and she just smiled.A huge genuine smile like she was hugging me or something like that.She told me that I should certainly made a blog.I was too afraid and I admitted it.Then, another story started.A story about a girl who suffered a lot more deeply than I did and she got over it while writing.In that moment I really felt like a coward.Nothing like that happened to me and I didn’t have the courage to express myself because my heart had been broken once.I thought about it, about what she said, a lot more than I should have.

When I arrived home the first thing I did was to check that girl’s blog, the one my friend told me about.I remained speechless.That’s how everything started and I decided to make my own road, my own world, my own blog.At first it was nothing personal, but as time passed it started to be.I started not to be afraid anymore of what people would think about me if i posted something.I just started to write from the core of my heart, because I loved it.It made me happy.Sometimes, it even made me cry, but it was always worth it.

One thing that I am truly sorry for is that my friend doesn’t even know how much she did meant to me.She helped me to heal my heart.She helped me to become a better person.I know I should have thanked her, but I didn’t have the chance.Before I knew it, she went back home and that place is far away from me.I guess that I would never thank her enough for what she did with some mere words.I don’t even know if tears are enough to express what I feel, but I hope that she will understand how much one small gesture can move a heart in the right direction.I hope you all do.

Do you believe in coincidences?Because I don’t.How can I when things like this happen?Everything is fine now and I know that it will always be.I know that everything happens for a reason and I know that I was given a hard lesson to make me understand that hearts break for a reason.I don’t regret anything in spite of what I went through.I would never have a blog if it weren’t for that.Without darkness we would never know the light and without hate we would never know how to love.Coincidence?Don’t think so.


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