She missed him.In the most crazy, strange, beautiful way.

She loved him.In the most innocent way of loving someone.

She ached for him.With every ticking of the clock next to her bedstand.

She wanted to desperately hold him in her warm arms.

She wanted to talk to him under the loving stars.

She smiled because of him.All the time.

Her heart skipped a beat when she thought of him.And it was beautiful.

Her eyes sparkled at the image of his genuine smile.

Tears ran down her cheeks because he brought happiness into her life.

She blushed at the thought of him next to her.

Her blood ran faster through her body when she said his name.

He was the guy with a mysterious heart and she was the girl with the broken pieces but somehow they were perfect for each other.

He was the light in her darkness and she was the spark in a fire.

She was at loss of words.Without knowing why.

It was strange because she was never at loss of words, but he made her be.

He made her laugh and calmed her down quite often.And he knew it.

He was so gentle with his words that she felt honoured to be a part of his life.

She used to see dark colours, but now she sees a rainbow.

She loved him so much, but she wasn’t supposed to.

He was so gentle,so sweet that he deserved what was best in the world, but she didn’t even know if she deserved him.

He was her happiness, her crying reason and her consolation and she was the girl who was too afraid to open up her heart.

She loved him and it scared her.

He made her feel so special like she were a precious diamond.And she cared for him.

He was so amazing that she felt like trouble in his wonderful life.

She loved him.But what could she do about it?

She was hopeless, lost in this great feeling.Sometimes she was thinking that he didn’t think about her at all.

He was always so sensitive with her that when he shared his hidden feelings, she felt guilty.

She felt so guilty for loving him.

He trusted her and she was afraid to trust him because of her long gone past.

He was so sweet and she was so messed up.

She wanted to tell him, but it was useless.

He was the type of guy with an open heart who blushed at her words and she felt her heart warming up.

She could feel like home with him and he could feel taken care of.

But she was too afraid to tell him and he was far away.

This whole thing was screwed up.

She loved him so much it terrified her.

What was even crazier was that maybe, just maybe, he loved her too.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jamesphiliprichmond
    Oct 19, 2014 @ 20:41:45

    Awesome poem I really like the emotion and imagery in it.
    Best wishes,


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