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I want to apologize because writing more than one post per day is not really my style, but The Daily Post had this great topic about mortality and I couldn’t resist.
Here is their site:
Finite Creatures
For me, it was never a question of being immortal.I just knew we weren’t.Like I had a sixth sense or something about this stuff.The answer to the question “how did you discovered you were not immortal?” it ia pretty clear, I didn’t find out.I just knew.

I grew up with stories about my uncle who was a great person but died when I was little, maybe one or two year old.More than that I always heard my mother talking about her dead father, so it was pretty clear for me that I death existed.I became fascinated by the supernatural stuff and I think that maybe this was one of the reasons.Maybe I would talk about supernatural things with another occasion.That would make quite a story!

To emphasize more the idea of mortality I want to talk about my nearly to death experiences.There were three.

The first one was when I jumped over a border with my little bicycle, I can’t remember how old I was but younger than 14 for sure.I just remember the darkness before jumping.That’s it.Then I woke up on the ground and my bicycle was upside down and everybody was screaming if I was fine.I didn’t even have a scratch.So, I considered myself lucky because I really thought I was closer to death.

The second experience started with a challenge.I was at the pool with my cousin and his best friend.They jumped from 5 metres high but I was so afraid to do it until his best friend challenged me.Never try to challenge me because I am stubborn and I would prove that I can do it.So, I got up there.I didn’t jump in the appropriate way and the way I landed was not good, either.I just felt the water splashing my whole body, hard.And I opened my eyes to see the water above my head.I was so weak that I wanted to give up, not swim at the surface anymore.I started to question myself: ‘Why would I go to the surface?What is so worth fighting for?”.Then something weird happened: I saw the members of my family, smiling and I didn’t need an answer anymore, I just wanted to live.When I got out of the water I was shivering all over and I could barely breathe.Everybody was amazed that I was alive.I kinda was, too.

The third experience happened when I finished middle school, in the summer before high school.I was with my best friend, roller skating.We stopped at the traffic light, we just had to pass this and we were home.When the light turned green I made “two steps” with the roller skates and fell on my right hand.I saw it bending in front of my eyes, then I can’t quite remember well what really happened as everything was fast forward but I saw darkness which lasted only one second but for me was like a lifetime.I had that feeling again, more powerful than when I jumped from 5 metres: I didn’t want to get up, I wanted all to end right there and then.At that point I saw another dear person who looked at me and said: ” Get up.There is so much more fighting for..” and that was enough.I just did.I don’t know how and why , but I did.

To conclude, I want to answer this question ” how did you react when you find out you were not immortal?”.I was scared and I felt hopeless in my nearly to death experiences.The question for me is still “why am I still alive?”.Like in the sense of I could have been dead but I am not.I guess that there are still stuff I have figure out here before I go to the other side.What happened really gave me the feeling that something saved me.
I spent my life thinking that death is terrible and I must admit, I am still scared of it.What I do believe is that we are immortal, maybe our body is mortal, but we can’t be.Einstein said that we are all energy and energy doesn’t die, it transforms.It has to be something after death, something great.I want to tell you that what is after life is great, that we shouldn’t be afraid of death, but I can’t.It would be useless to tell you something that I didn’t even experience.I don’t know what it is , but I think is beautiful.That kind of beautiful which makes you cry.
If you ever been so happy that it made you cry then you do know what I am talking about.


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    Nov 04, 2014 @ 20:49:41

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