New day, new challenge: Trio No. 3.This one is about three words: a fridge, a dark stormy night and a lot of tears.Daily Post gave me the words.Let’s see what I can make out of them.

Drops of rain hit the windowpane of her bedroom.The storm outside was destroying dreams and chances of happiness.. or so it seemed.The lightning made quite an appearance on the dark sky, illuminating the world all around it.The thunder sounded like a scream of help in this majour disaster.

All this time, Miranda was standing quietly in her bedroom: a room which seemed to be made just for her.It was really cozy and it felt like happiness:the walls full of posters with favourite bands and actors, the bed with all the covers she grew up with, some clothes scattered on the  chair next to it, pictures of loved ones staring back at her from the bedstand.All of this felt right, so right, but still there was an emptiness to all of it she couldn’t quite comprehend, a feeling of longing for another place and time, a place far away from here and now, a place of wonders and miracles.A place called home.

She loved all of this, the place, the people, but a part of her still ached to see her parents and her birthplace.She just missed it: missed that way her mother used to wrap her up during the night with covers so that she wouldn’t get cold, missed the house where she grew up, missed her friends and the smiles on people’s faces, missed the old room where she first cried because someone broke her heart, missed everything.A few more days and she would see all of that, patience was the key, but she felt so down she wanted to be right there, right now.Of course it wasn’t possible…

Annoyed, she got up and went to the kitchen to get a midnight snack, because obviously aching to see a place left not only her heart empty but her stomach, as well.The walk to the kitchen was short and she opened the fridge in the blink of an eye.Her favourite snack?It wasn’t actually a snack, it was sweet and it made her happy.”Dear chocolate, I love you.Yummy”, she thought while eating some.At least this calmed her down a little bit.
Then she went back to her room, going to sleep this time.
Tossing and turning in bed, she realized she couldn’t.She had that void in her soul which couldn’t be filled by all of this.What her heart demanded was the frequency of her birthplace because it knew she belonged there.
Accidentally, she touched a heart-shaped necklace which was hanging from her neck and then ….everything fell apart.The girl remembered the first time she opened the box with the necklace inside, the smile formed on her, the sweet look in his eyes and their innocent kiss.

Now, she was crying so hard that her vision blurred and her heart started to break little by little, shattering and crushing everything inside her.She missed him so badly it ripped every piece of her apart.The tears just kept falling down her face while she remembered more and more beautiful moments spent with him, with his gentle touch and innocent smile.The time just kept rolling and rolling just like her memories…
After a while, she stopped crying, comforted by the idea that she would see him in a few days.The contrast between the hurricane outside and inside seemed amazing, the girl and the rain, the happiness and the sadness, all of this because of one gentle and sweet guy who loved her way too much to let her go and a “home sweet home” longing.

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