Hey, guys. I thought about doing something different today and I hope you will all enjoy it. This idea came to me during art class when our teacher showed us some paintings and I really loved them. Sharing is caring, so here we go. But first, some brief information about him. Thanks to wikipedia, here they are:

“Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marqués de Dalí de Pubol (May 11, 1904 – January 23, 1989), known as Salvador Dalí , was a prominent Spanish Catalan surrealist painter born in Figueres, Spain.

Dalí was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters.His best-known work, The Persistence of Memory, was completed in August 1931. Dalí’s expansive artistic repertoire included film, sculpture, and photography, in collaboration with a range of artists in a variety of media.

Dalí attributed his “love of everything that is gilded and excessive, my passion for luxury and my love of oriental clothes” to an “Arab lineage”, claiming that his ancestors were descended from the Moors.

Dalí was highly imaginative, and also enjoyed indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. His eccentric manner and attention-grabbing public actions sometimes drew more attention than his artwork, to the dismay of those who held his work in high esteem, and to the irritation of his critics.”

Now, admire his amazing paintings:

If you enjoyed this post, make sure to give me some feedback, because I thought about doing random stuff in the future. Maybe something about music, books, videos, articles, quotes. I will see. Lots of love ’till next time.


The good old days

This is according to the daily prompt:”Salad Days

Oh..the good old days when we were wearing pyjamas five-size too big

Staying out all day until our mothers called us to go in,

Then we went to bed early

And dreamed about our next big adventure.

The days we thought all stories  were possible

And that life always has a happy ending.

Can you believe this?What salad days they were…

The innocent time of childhood when everybody felt loved

Lost in a place of happiness and good jokes.

We found wonderland in our own hometown

And we played the music in our hearts on playgrounds

But we never forgot the cartoons we used to watch

Along with the video games we enjoyed playing

And no one felt left aside, they all just smiled

With sparkling eyes while telling all the time, the truth.

No sadness, no worries, just swinging and eating cherry lollipops

Or whatever new candy was in store.

Kids who always fought when it came to the silliest things

Like who had the longest hair or who runs faster

But it never lasted long, just 5 minutes

Then everybody were best friends like nothing ever happened.

Childhood, oh sweet childhood…how much we laughed

And how many diaries we wrote, how many silly stuff seemed so strong…

How many hearts remained untouched, how many drawings scattered on paper

And how many songs we sang at school…

Then how we cried when we learned to write and read.

The time flew by and those days remained just that:

The good old days.

We grew up and everybody chose their own path,

Hearts broke, harsh words were spoken,

Tears started to run down our cheeks

And we realized that the world is not a never-ending fairytale

But a playground where we choose our own faith

And our actions determine the life we live.

We grew up, but from all the kids on the playground

I was always the outsider, the different one,

The person who sought the most valuable things in the world:

True love and honest friendship.






“Her heart was wide-open like a blank sheet of paper

And her smile was breathtaking sweet.

Her eyes lit up as tears ran down her cheecks.

That’s how she knew she was in love….”

 It just happened.

No planning, no second-guessing, no doubts,

She woke up suddenly being in love with him.

Even though the process was a little bit slower

For her it seemed like seconds.

The past is the past, she used to repeat to herself

But the truth is, it kept hunting her over and over again.

This time was no different,

And when she thought everything was like a fairytale

A knife was stuck hard in her back

And she fell from cloud nine,waking up on the cold concrete

With rain falling down her red cheeks.

She wanted something to grasp on,

To wake up from this nightmare,

But she had nothing to hold on to,

So she kept on reaching out for him.

It was so sad, all this messed-up situation:

She knew he cared a lot about her from the gentle way he spoke

And the way he always pushed her forward to pursue her dreams

Or how he wanted sometimes to make her laugh,

He just cared about her, without explanation or reasons why.

She loved him so much it hurt her, because being a second choice was not an option.

Being a band-aid over his wound would be impossible for her..

But how could she stop all those feelings rushing through her body?

Yes, she controlled emotions, but love was too powerful to switch it off.

She didn’t hate the other girl he loved,

In fact, she truly admired her from somewhere deep  inside

Because that girl was smart enough to win his heart…

Still, it made him suffer.

And she was there for him, all the time,

Talking, laughing, sometimes flirting

Some kind of consolation.

That’s why she was not telling him that she felt something,

It was useless.

He needs time to heal

She needs time to figure things out

And they both want what they can’t have

Because they are in love.

Wake up, people…

Today I was called “crazy” more than once and I am not even mad.What people say reflect their own conceptions, not yours.What annoys me is the fact that we live in the 21st century, an era full of technology where people are supposed to be conscious of the world around them.Well, they aren’t.

I can clearly see this with the votes for the new president.They are all expecting an overnight change from someone they don’t even know personally instead of starting to clean the mess in their own life.”Start vote” and all of them are going.It’s like a command to do what others want.It is really disturbing to see something like that happening.

Then, they talk how great our life would become if “x” is the president or “y”.Really?It is both sad and surprising.Let me explain.It is sad because every politician does what he knows best: lies, steals, says empty promises.And you are choosing him blindly without checking facts.How could you be 100% sure that he would keep his word?Well, you can’t, but no one sees this part.They are stuck in this little box full of fantasies.The surprising part is just looking at how many emotions people put in this.They are literally fighting over it like it’s a life and death matter.

And here I am.”The crazy one”.As I said in the beginning, today I was called “crazy” more than once, because I do stand for what I believe in and I choose to live more conscious, to think before I speak or act.Does that make me crazy?No, it just makes me different.

What I love are the exceptions, the people who truly see the world.The ones who touch a thin line and make people question whether what they learn is actually true.They are our hope, not just all the persons who do the same thing only because others are doing it.

This is what I learned from society today: if you’re different, something is wrong with you, if you don’t fit others standards , concepts or ideas they will argue with you.Yeah, thanks for teaching me that.I understand the point.

In the end, my advice is to do whatever you want, speak your mind and act as you feel.People will judge you anyway.

“Laugh at me because I am different, I pity you because you’re all the same.”


New beginnings

“She was the girl who grew up in a fairytale world full of happy endings

Only to find out that actually life was cruel and hearts were meant to be 

broken…and that’ how she started writing.”

Short to the point, I am that girl in case you didn’t figure out.I wish my story was a happier one, but unfortunately it’s not.In order to answer the question:” who are you and why are you here?”, I will choose to tell this sad story in my own way, but stick to the point.So, enjoy.

I was 16 when it all started.It was a sweet age when I was crazy, carelless and free, but madly in love with the wrong person.My first mistake was that I loved someone who was not right for me, but this happens to everyone at some point,  (unless you’re perfect) , I guess.My second mistake was that I put all my worth, my feelings and my heart in this so-called “relationship”.The ending…not so funny, trust me.

It was a kind of agreement between us, but I suffered the most.I found myself lost in this cruel world, I just wanted everything to come to an end so that I could finally be happy.I pretty much hated myself.Yeah, I know not so great.

Well, the good news is I had some amazing friends who talked to me, encouraged me and showed me the bright side when I didn’t see any light.I can’t say they didn’t help, but something was still missing, the healing was not complete.

I remember clearly that one day I was sitting on a chair and I turned my head to see a wide-open window.It was raining outside.The main idea is that I remained inspired.I went home and I wrote my first story.
I was happy about it, but I wanted everyone to read it. A friend of mine suggested me to make a blog.I was way too afraid in the beginning to share my feelings with the whole world, but I decided to try.
Here I am now, telling you all of this, dear reader.I am happy and I learned from my mistakes.More than that, I figured out how I want my blog to be: emotional, just like me.I want to write how I feel.Maybe this will help others in a way, because I was helped too and I want at least to give something back.I never imagined that my blog would be like this as I was terrified to show the readers my personal side.I need to make something clear: this is how I am, I can’t fake it.I tried to write a lot of stuff just to avoid sharing my feelings, letting others “get close” to me, because I knew my heart couldn’t handle it.
This was my past and it’s long gone.What matters is the irony that one heartbreak created all of this or better yet, I did after my heart was literally shattered to pieces.So, I guess I am stronger than I ever was before.Not untouchable, not unbreakable.I am way too emotional to be like that.I was blessed to see “the rainbow” of my life, the true colours of the world I live in and all I can say is that it’s so damn beautiful with all its flaws.

My blog is and will always be about me, my life and my heart, the people I love and the ones who touch my soul.Sometimes, I choose abstract subjects, but I think you alredy understand what I mean.

Finally, I want to thank all my readers for sticking with me as I have to admit, sometimes I write a lot and it is a lot to read, as well.Another special thanks to the person who broke my heart, because I do feel that he deserves it and big hugs for all my friends who encourage me with my writing.I love you guys so much.

P.s: English is my second language, I forgot to mention.I admit I have mistakes, but I try my best all the time.I also chose English because in this way I can influence more people or help them.

P.s 2: A very sweet and special “thank you” for the guy who encouraged me with his kind words to show off with my blog.He helped me a lot, especially with what he said:

“Sometimes all you need is to feel.”

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