Wake up, people…

Today I was called “crazy” more than once and I am not even mad.What people say reflect their own conceptions, not yours.What annoys me is the fact that we live in the 21st century, an era full of technology where people are supposed to be conscious of the world around them.Well, they aren’t.

I can clearly see this with the votes for the new president.They are all expecting an overnight change from someone they don’t even know personally instead of starting to clean the mess in their own life.”Start vote” and all of them are going.It’s like a command to do what others want.It is really disturbing to see something like that happening.

Then, they talk how great our life would become if “x” is the president or “y”.Really?It is both sad and surprising.Let me explain.It is sad because every politician does what he knows best: lies, steals, says empty promises.And you are choosing him blindly without checking facts.How could you be 100% sure that he would keep his word?Well, you can’t, but no one sees this part.They are stuck in this little box full of fantasies.The surprising part is just looking at how many emotions people put in this.They are literally fighting over it like it’s a life and death matter.

And here I am.”The crazy one”.As I said in the beginning, today I was called “crazy” more than once, because I do stand for what I believe in and I choose to live more conscious, to think before I speak or act.Does that make me crazy?No, it just makes me different.

What I love are the exceptions, the people who truly see the world.The ones who touch a thin line and make people question whether what they learn is actually true.They are our hope, not just all the persons who do the same thing only because others are doing it.

This is what I learned from society today: if you’re different,¬†something is wrong with you, if you don’t fit others standards , concepts or ideas they will argue with you.Yeah, thanks for teaching me that.I understand the point.

In the end, my advice is to do whatever you want, speak your mind and act as you feel.People will judge you anyway.

“Laugh at me because I am different, I pity you because you’re all the same.”



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