“Her heart was wide-open like a blank sheet of paper

And her smile was breathtaking sweet.

Her eyes lit up as tears ran down her cheecks.

That’s how she knew she was in love….”

 It just happened.

No planning, no second-guessing, no doubts,

She woke up suddenly being in love with him.

Even though the process was a little bit slower

For her it seemed like seconds.

The past is the past, she used to repeat to herself

But the truth is, it kept hunting her over and over again.

This time was no different,

And when she thought everything was like a fairytale

A knife was stuck hard in her back

And she fell from cloud nine,waking up on the cold concrete

With rain falling down her red cheeks.

She wanted something to grasp on,

To wake up from this nightmare,

But she had nothing to hold on to,

So she kept on reaching out for him.

It was so sad, all this messed-up situation:

She knew he cared a lot about her from the gentle way he spoke

And the way he always pushed her forward to pursue her dreams

Or how he wanted sometimes to make her laugh,

He just cared about her, without explanation or reasons why.

She loved him so much it hurt her, because being a second choice was not an option.

Being a band-aid over his wound would be impossible for her..

But how could she stop all those feelings rushing through her body?

Yes, she controlled emotions, but love was too powerful to switch it off.

She didn’t hate the other girl he loved,

In fact, she truly admired her from somewhere deep  inside

Because that girl was smart enough to win his heart…

Still, it made him suffer.

And she was there for him, all the time,

Talking, laughing, sometimes flirting

Some kind of consolation.

That’s why she was not telling him that she felt something,

It was useless.

He needs time to heal

She needs time to figure things out

And they both want what they can’t have

Because they are in love.


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