The good old days

This is according to the daily prompt:”Salad Days

Oh..the good old days when we were wearing pyjamas five-size too big

Staying out all day until our mothers called us to go in,

Then we went to bed early

And dreamed about our next big adventure.

The days we thought all stories  were possible

And that life always has a happy ending.

Can you believe this?What salad days they were…

The innocent time of childhood when everybody felt loved

Lost in a place of happiness and good jokes.

We found wonderland in our own hometown

And we played the music in our hearts on playgrounds

But we never forgot the cartoons we used to watch

Along with the video games we enjoyed playing

And no one felt left aside, they all just smiled

With sparkling eyes while telling all the time, the truth.

No sadness, no worries, just swinging and eating cherry lollipops

Or whatever new candy was in store.

Kids who always fought when it came to the silliest things

Like who had the longest hair or who runs faster

But it never lasted long, just 5 minutes

Then everybody were best friends like nothing ever happened.

Childhood, oh sweet childhood…how much we laughed

And how many diaries we wrote, how many silly stuff seemed so strong…

How many hearts remained untouched, how many drawings scattered on paper

And how many songs we sang at school…

Then how we cried when we learned to write and read.

The time flew by and those days remained just that:

The good old days.

We grew up and everybody chose their own path,

Hearts broke, harsh words were spoken,

Tears started to run down our cheeks

And we realized that the world is not a never-ending fairytale

But a playground where we choose our own faith

And our actions determine the life we live.

We grew up, but from all the kids on the playground

I was always the outsider, the different one,

The person who sought the most valuable things in the world:

True love and honest friendship.






2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. AK
    Nov 20, 2014 @ 03:15:49

    I enjoyed your poem! I think you captured what is great about childhood. My favorite line was the one about realizing that the world is not a fairytale. I do think childhood ignorance is one of the greatest things about being a kid; before you grow up and learn all the dangers of the real world. The happiness kids find in ordinary things is unparalleled to none because of this fact. The lines about getting over disagreements and being friends the next moment is another great thing about childhood. You brought a smile to my face as I read your post and thought about my own childhood. Thanks and great post!


    • myhappinessisanallegory
      Nov 20, 2014 @ 16:56:02

      Thank you so much.I am really glad to see feedbacks, because it helps a lot.Besides that, seeing that others feel what you were trying to express is a great achievement.I am really happy that I made you think about childhood and brought a smile to your face.Best wishes.


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