Wish you were there

Who said fairy tales are dead? I can assure you they aren’t. But what do we all love about these stories? I believe they tell us the truth, that the world is a magical place, full of happy endings and wonders. Why did we forget about this once we grow up?

Certainly, some of my friends didn’t. They made a video related to fairy tales where children have the power to bring their favourite characters  to the real world. I hope I caught your attention, now let’s start from the beginning.

Four main characters, Flynn Rider from Tangled, Red Riding Hood, Alice, the hunter, a magical book, some children and a pretty sleepy grandpa. That’s how it all started. Flynn stole a special artifact that was meant to hold the fairytale world together. This, and the children’s wish to bring Alice, Flynn and Red Riding Hood to our world. The background is so enchanted, the effects fit perfectly each scene and they are well placed to show the wonderful world of fairy tales.

Unfortunately, the stolen artifact attracts a hunter from another dimension who wants to catch Flynn. They all run and when Alice discovers what Flynn did….plot twist. The children change the main story. This is how we are shown how special the book is. The story is changed plenty of times until the grandpa falls asleep. The kids are too curious, destroying the book, and the characters have to face their own faith…

Sorry to spoil the story, but I felt it needed explaining.

In my opinion, it is worth watching. It pictures unexpected turns of events and even the innocence of childhood. The magic of that age, the bliss, the beauty and the fights. It’s like a black & white of childhood if you look close enough. Furthermore, the other part is about the special book, which takes us into the fairytale world, where we can float high to the sky and enjoy the story of our four main characters: Flynn, Alice, Red Riding Hood and the hunter. Of course, with its twists and turns, but beautiful compelling scenery. It also gives us a feeling of joy and bounds us to reminisce about the lost times of childhood.

All of this was filmed in 3 days with Nikon Coolpix P500, edited with Sony Vegas Pro 12. For effects, the application used is called FixGuru. Also, my friends encourage everybody to give them a feedback regarding their work. Nobody is perfect, the goal is to grow together. If you are interested in their further projects, make sure to subscribe. Feel free to check their other videos if you want.

Here it goes, I hope you enjoy it, because I did:



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