An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Race the Clock.”

When he asked me if I wanted to dance I was so mad at him. Really mad at him. I guess that I would have stuck a knife into his heart if I had one. Then,  I said nonchalantly: ‘Do you want to dance now? Really? ‘. The rest of the words were left hanging in my head,  my thoughts echoing the hatred: ‘After all you did to me you want to dance. Better go home. ‘

The thing is I was way too impulsive. I had waited the whole night for him to ask me this,  and I was just ruining everything I wished for. He sat there quietly in his chair, a little sad. I felt guilty because I couldn’t stand seeing him like that. Deep down I knew I should have accepted from the beginning. With a change of heart I said in the most sweetest way possible: ‘You know what?Forget it. Let’s dance. ‘ He looked unsure of himself as if this was only a dream and I was making a silly joke to mess with his feelings. Then,  when we actually got up and held hands, well, that’s when he realised that I actually didn’t turn down the offer.  He said calmly:  ‘We dance and then we go home. Okay? ‘

I smiled and I nodded in response. It felt so damn good:  holding his hands, looking into his eyes, being that close to him,  everything… It was just magical,  magnificent. I smiled back at him and he stared into my eyes. It was really intense. I loved it. I don’t think I’ve danced with anyone before. Not in the way I danced with him. I swear he deserved a kiss,  but we were a little shy. It sounds funny,  but sometimes the intensity of the moment when our gazes lock was so strong that he was looking to his right and me, down to the floor. I believe we were intimidated by each other.

It was so lovely and full of passion for me. Probably it meant nothing to him or I don’t know. I’m too afraid to ask. He danced with a lot of girls that night. What makes me special? The fact that we talk all the time or that he hesitated the other day to give me a hug?

I just can’t explain it into words and I am a writer. I can always explain everything with simple sentences or even longer ones… but this….this is over my power of explanation.
There’s something about him which makes me smile for no reason… and I feel whole. I’m starting to lack words now , which I guess shows how in love I am. He might not feel the same or whatever, but I just thought about telling another story. Crazy, right? It’s a short one, I promise.
Since that night I kept this image in my head: the way a smile formed on his lips. I was at the table and he came to ask me: ‘Why don’t you dance? ‘
‘I’m bored. I don’t feel like it. What about you? ‘
‘I should find a good reason for that. ‘
‘Should I count your seconds until you find one? ‘
Then, he said nothing. Just stayed there.  I know only seconds passed, but it seemed like a lifetime. He was between those two chairs, behind me, with his arms on each chair to keep him steady. I looked at him and he just smiled, but it wasn’t the usual smile you see. It was different. I still don’t know how to describe it, but it came from his heart. He blushed a little and it was making the picture so perfect. If I had a professional camera I would have taken one. I asked him later ‘What was the reason behind your smile? ‘ but he replied only with ‘Do I need a reason? ‘

This is my story. An offer I couldn’t refuse and a smile that haunts me at night.

What do you think, guys?


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