The Anthem of Glory

“With broken pieces you can build a masterpiece”

Once upon a time she was let down, betrayed and left behind,
The shiny sky was impossible to be seen as she was totally blind.
Although she felt like losing, the odds were by her side
And she decided to see the light, to take off the veil called ‘blind’.
Time passed so quickly like everything around us does
The world moves quickly, just like technology does
And after one year there she was:
Ready to take the fight, ready to make things right.
‘It shall be darkness in order to be light
It shall be chaos for the world to know order
It shall be cages for us to know freedom
It shall be mistakes so that we can change’,
she thought to herself once while falling asleep
And she sank deep, deep and deep in the realm of dreams.
A place where all the happy endings were possible and dreams came true
And she knew that one day they won’t be just a dream,
But a sweet happy ending thing called reality.
Each day she worked to be better, stronger and wiser than before
To see the glory of it all.
She repeated endlessly ‘impossible’ means something else
She wrote ‘I’m possible’ on her soul, on her heart
And she began to call it art.
This girl fought and fought and fought,
Against mentalities and the laws of physics,
Against those who decided to be unfair
But most of all she decided to fight against her own mistakes
Because the only person she wanted to beat was her own old self.
One day she made it, the day glory rang on her door,
She almost fell to the floor because this aching story about heartbreak and loss
Became something else entirely, something called sheer blessing.
She realised she didn’t feel like competing with someone anymore
Because she was enough and metaphorically speaking no one could ever compete with her.
The world, was once an illusion impossible to beat
But now it’s just okay when you see everything so clear, anyway.
She realised that good and bad are just comparisons
And that getting angry over people would be in vain
Even though they live a lie they can’t even comprehend.
Love, love, love it was the answer to it all,
To all the questions,
And she couldn’t lie, not at all
As the world is not only black or only white
But a combination of the two: black and white.
‘Save me, my hero’ , she used to say
But then she understood that she doesn’t need a white knight,
She needed to fight her own fight and that’s how she won.
She aced at life, day after day Β after day
With each passing second she became better than the person she used to be
And she got it that hating cuts the betting,
Jealousy clearly cages people,
Love kinda means freedom,
Being at the top doesn’t mean I’ll smile because I brought you down
Au contraire, give me your hand I’ll raise you up
No matter who you are or what you did to me,
Hatred in the end solves exactly nothing.
The mist of glory didn’t get into her head as she was exactly the same old simple girl
But she just understood that no one could love her more than she could herself
And no one would ever fight her battle with the demons
She was the only one who could.
In the end, she was so proud of herself
Because she aced the tests impossible to be aced
And she became her own heroine,
The girl with the broken pieces became whole
Because she clearly realised that this is what make us, us
A soul, a heart, a mind
And that we’re all the soldiers of the light.
If someone would ask her how to be your own hero,
She would respond with: ” make things right
And learn from your mistakes
The past? Screw it, you can’t change it
The future? You create it
Your life? You make it.
How to be a hero? Be kind, always.
Keep that as a reminder.”
Once upon a time there was a girl whose life was a mess,
Look at her now, that girl is her own heroine
So if you tell her that things are not ‘meant to be’ she’ll tell you that they are
A palm can help you more than a caress if you get it.
So, get back up, the fight is not over until you say so.
If she would have given up one year ago she wouldn’t have been where she is today:
Proud of herself, of her friends, of her choices and of her mistakes
And most of all proud that she once screwed things up
Without that all of this wouldn’t have meant that much.
Love, love, love was the answer to the question
With it echoed freedom
And along glory
With her heart set on fire
And a soul cleaned of ice
With a huge. sensation of peace set inside
Our heroine was light and ready to conquer the world one more time.

“And she owes some thanks to all those who were there for her when no one else was
And she could count them on her fingers: S, V and A
They were the best because they made her better, greater
They made her who she is today.”

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  1. Diana Georgia Marcos
    Feb 23, 2015 @ 22:21:45

    This is very well written and very inspiring! Love should really always start within ourselves for us to be happy. πŸ™‚


  2. Michelle Sherlock
    Feb 23, 2015 @ 22:57:34



  3. Michelle Sherlock
    Feb 23, 2015 @ 22:58:05

    Reblogged this on Looking4GodToday and commented:
    This is something to aspire to


  4. Lyndah Malloy-Glover
    Feb 23, 2015 @ 23:34:31

    The man or woman in the mirror, we learn so much from him or her. Enjoyed your story!


  5. themissiontomars
    Feb 24, 2015 @ 08:42:26

    Reblogged this on themissiontomars and commented:
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blessing my friend πŸ™‚
    Its so motivational and so beautifully created. To fall is important to rise up later, to fail is important to succeed later, to be what you are even though none has faith in you.
    Hope others too find it inspiring for a “love-filled” happy life
    Love and blessings to all πŸ™‚


  6. vivachange77
    Feb 25, 2015 @ 01:16:47

    This is powerful writing. I’m glad you visited and followed me, which led me to your blog. I can see how your hurt and then then your healing is transforming you. ❀


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