Rain is pain

“The drops of rain were touching the pavement
her tears echoed the silence of the weather
And the
feelings of the sky. “

With each little sparkle splashed on the window
Her inspiration grew stronger and stronger
While the world was getting smaller and smaller
And the illusion was just perfect.
Rain is pain, love and happiness,
The landscape didn’t feel like less
Every window did tremble in a complex game of chess,
Just as the sidewalk was a mess,
Betrayed with brokenness.
The selfish drops were making their way down to the ground,
Without a care concerning the crowd
Who anxiously wished to be somewhere else
Not in a rain which gives them hope
But then leaves them all alone. 
How selfish can you be?
Instead of feeling proud, she felt so empty.
The party was going on
The teardrops dancing in the rain
And the sounds of splashing water brought only pain.
Broken dreams, empty promises, a scent in the air,
You could feel this everywhere.
Each soul was sad, selfish and mad.
The rain made them forget,
Forget about the past, the future and the now
And brought them down to the ground
In a world shallow enough to let it show
How one heart can’t let it go.
Staying in her room, by the window
She wanted that blissful, peaceful snow
Which always left her in ‘awww’
But instead she was left right here
To hear the sparkles of the painful rain.
You get what you give
Instead of getting peaceful,
You just get empty things.
The souls are dead, rotten inside
The rain makes a shadow to the sky
Coming down with a strong cry
The painful happiness remains trapped inside.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ishkishmish.com
    Feb 28, 2015 @ 06:26:08

    Although I enjoyed your poem, I associate rain w rushing joy rather than pain. It was beautifullly written as always. Still have to catch up on your other posts but will save them for another day. Have a good weekend. 🙂


  2. Diana Georgia Marcos
    Mar 02, 2015 @ 16:05:16

    This is beautifully written! You’re right! “Rain is pain, love and happiness.” There’s rain associated with dark skies, lightnings and thunderstorms. There’s rain where you can still see sunshine seeping through the clouds. And then there’s our emotions – sometimes heavy, sometimes light. ❤


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