The Drawer of Mind

“I opened my drawer of mind

And set people’s opinions free

Because if I were them I would have loved to be set free , as well,

But I’m not.”

I opened up my drawer and many things were thrown there
The necklace I once used to wear,
The notebook I used to care with me everywhere,
The lies I used to tell
And my journal of despair.
‘Oh, sweet, little necklace, I miss you,
I’m sorry that you broke when I needed you’
The ‘M’ shined bright in the darkness of the night
And sat there still, untouched, alive and ill.
My gaze turned, eyes blurred,
I fixed my eyes on the figure: the heart-shaped watch
Which does not match with time at all
Broken and left behind, put away in my drawer piece of mind.
‘Oh, sweet watch, come back to me.
Let us go free and let my eyes see
You’re breaking was meant to be’
I waited and no response came
But I took the blame
It was only a watch who showed me how to match timing
With the sensation of heart warming.
‘I miss you so much but I know it ain’t right
I can’t go back to who I was before
And neither can you anymore’
My heart, my heart, my heart
That’s all my eyes saw in that watch
A perfectly good heart, untouched
About to break, about to shake, about to die
A girl happy enough with a smile
About to die.
‘My heart-shaped watched, your lines are clear,
Your smile is bright
And once it used to echo
But, darling, this ain’t right
Not anymore
You’re a long-lost dream I can’t get back at all. ‘
Sadly, I closed the drawer slowly and thought about the reasons ‘why’
Why so many lively things are supposed to die?
Yet, I know that people move on from the storm
This is what makes them strong
And that’s why the girl I used to be is gone.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vivachange77
    Feb 27, 2015 @ 01:45:44

    I like your ending! Bravo. 🙂


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