Everything I hold dear

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fearful Symmetry.”

For this challenge I had to pick a letter and start with it each line. I choose “M”, because it triggers so many emotions in me. This is what came out. I hope you enjoy it.

M, the letter, on each line
M, the letter, on my mind.
M, for emptiness and cold,
M, for easiness and love.
M, for pain,
M, for gain.
M, for vanity, despair,
M, for gratitude and share.
M, the letter, fills each line,
M, a battle felt inside.
M, the love my words inspire,
M, the love my words desire.
M, the sound which freedom fills,
M, the sound every heart needs.
M, the space between the fears,
M, the space between the words,
M, the space between the swords.
M, the reason world aligns,
M, the beauty of the wilds.
M, the sweetest sweet of all
M, the flawless girl indoor.
M, for all I didn’t know,
M, for all the scars I show.
M, for her,
M, for me.. and
M, for equality.
M, for queens and loyal servants
M, for roses which have thorns,
M, for blank spaces and words.
M, the death inside a heart,
M, the light inside the dark.
M, the angel smile and crystal eyes
M, the magic of the skies.
M, the deep cuttings of skin,
M, the helping in between.
M, the lifeless look I’ve seen,
M, the innocent pink lips,
M, the blush upon her cheeks.
M, my heart which glowed like gold,
M, the change over the old.
M, the hot inside the cold.
M, the diamond in the gold.
M, for everything I’d be..
M, for equality.


What I broke my heart for

When you stay there, alone, with tears running down your cheeks, thinking ‘this is what I broke my heart for.. ‘ you know it is gonna be a good story. We all get our hearts broken from time to time and I believe we overreact. It’s okay to get your heart broken. It’s glorious. Unfortunately, we see the half empty side of the glass instead of cherishing the true picture. Yeah, you may have lost a person.. so? So what? Look at all those things you have gained through breaking your heart: all those friendships, all those memories, all those lessons. Look me in the eyes and tell me it wasn’t worth it, that you wish your heart never broke. Well, I’m gonna tell you the truth: you can’t. Do you know why? Because you know that no matter how much it hurt you, it taught you something valuable and without that lesson you couldn’t go on. So.. break your heart as much as you can because only with broken pieces you can build a masterpiece. In the end, your heart was never destroyed, it was whole. You may have just felt like it. There is nothing bad happening in your life, only another possibility. And what can be more beautiful than giving someone the best gift of love: freedom? Don’t get stuck in the things you’ve lost because if that person didn’t care it wasn’t a loss, it was a gain.. but you gained something more amazing than a lesson, you gained freedom and this can never be bought with money. You gained wisdom. You gained more love than before. Look up and thank God every day for ‘breaking your heart’ because otherwise you wouldn’t have opened your eyes. I could have talked about sadness or pain, but I can’t because I learned that love is much more than keeping someone in a cage and if it’s unconditional it doesn’t truly matter how the other person feels. You love them anyway. So, forget about the heartache for one minute and think about your life and all you’ve achieved because one day, someone, decided to break the most valuable asset you posses: your heart.

With love,


She’s so gone

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Powerful Suggestion.”


Dear old self,
I want you to know that you’re beautiful. You may not understand why, but just trust me that you are. You are so blinded by the pursuit of making others happy that you forgot the most important person: yourself. You live a lie and one day you will wake up and it’s gonna break you, but it’s okay. You are more than this. You are worth it. You are brave. You are amazing. You are loved and you are full of love. Never forget that. You are whole. You made some mistakes, but you are not your past. You can always change, always be a better person. Never look down on yourself again because you are important and you deserve to be happy. Stop trying to fix others, first fix yourself. I am convinced you will make it because you are a fighter. A warrior. A brave girl. You never back down and you never leave things unresolved. You are smarter than you think and stronger than you seem. You should feel proud of yourself.
With love,
Youre 17-year-old self

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