A piece of heaven (Rewritten)

11947985_921260911300211_677614949141906661_o‘Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.’-Swami Sivananda

Today I want to do something unique, showing you how a phoenix can come alive from an eternal fire. Metaphorically, of course. In fact, this is all about my hometown. You know what they often say ‘home sweet home’ or ‘home is not a place, but a feeling’. I must admit that this is entirely true for me. I can’t help but fall in love with this town because of the memories which are carved on every piece of concrete that I walk on and the history well-kept inside its “walls”. I see it as a place of fairy tales coming to life. So, let’s see how an idea, coming out of nothing can materialise and touch people’s hearts, because my friends definitely know how to leave a mark imprinted on one’s soul. I questioned them in order to find answers regarding this time-lapse, which I call ‘a piece of heaven’. I would sum up in a few words what they said about it: This video is a unique time-lapse , which tries to show the beauty of Sighisoara’ s Citadel in a different light.The video begins suddenly with the statue of Vlad the Impaler known as Dracula, who is a symbol of Transylvania. The blue sky with white clouds, revealing the innocence of nature fits perfectly with the statue and the dramatic effect chosen. Sighisoara appears as a land of mystery, waiting to be discovered. The music shows the true essence of the time-lapse. It is gradual like the whole video: sometimes peaceful, sometimes powerful. The idea of ‘going forward’, closer, to the tourist attractions is engaging, having a captivating effect on the viewer. I strongly believe that he feels like he is actually there, not watching a video on Youtube. Another thing, which left me in ‘awe’ was the combination of the static, unmoving buildings with the rush of people, coming and going. I feel that it presents life itself and the fact that we should pay more attention to the details. Different from the existent time lapses of Sighisoara, this one uses innovations of hyperlapse, but also combines natural landscapes with the historical sites.The result: a medieval trip in the heart of Transylvania where vampires are actually real (or not), where the buildings keep scars from the historic events carved on them and where tourists are actually left speechless. In the end, there is an image of the Clock Tower, another symbol of Sighisoara, chosen wisely to show again, for the last time,our little piece of heaven.A dramatic effect covers the whole scenery, leaving you breathless, but eager to see this bittersweet town. You might think that this great video was filmed with a DSLR, but guess what?It was actually filmed with a phone: Htc Desire 600.Unbelievable! So much beauty, only one phone. The effects were made with the following programs: Lapse it, Vegas Pro 12, Sony Vegas Full of happiness to tell me about this they also have a message for the ones viewing the time-lapse: “Like, share and subscribe keeps the internet alive.So, like , share and subscribe.” My friends worked very hard to make this idea become reality. I am sure they left a piece of their heart in this video, which is the reason why I called it ‘a piece of heaven’. Their kindness, dedication, creativity and love is well-reflected in the time-lapse, so I hope you will take a few minutes to see the soul of two of the most beautiful people I’ve been blessed to meet. With no further details I present you this amazing video.Enjoy 🙂


Queen’s Fall

“She was the girl who made everyone smile and he was the guy who made everyone laugh and together they were a perfect fit. “

He looked at her in a way that all girls would want to be looked at, that heart-warming glance which could touch every string of one’s soul… and now, he was touching hers. The connection between them was undeniable and unreal, just like a fairytale coming to life. The intensity was overwhelming and yet… undefinable. It was powerful and gentle, sensitive and tough, hard and soft: a perfect combination of opposites only in one look. They got lost for a while in this grand feeling called love.
In response, her cherry lips curved up, creating a work of art captured in only one smile. Her long, black hair was a little bit curled and the smile he had just seen made her even more appealing. She was so close enough to perfection that he felt it in every inch of his body… just like an arrow which becomes buried deeper than your heart, into the very core of your being, into your infinite soul. Luckily, he knew that beauty was temporary and that it fades in time… but it didn’t matter right then and there. He didn’t love her for something as temporary as her physical appearance, he loved her for who she truly was: the girl who completely understood him. The girl who opened up his heart. The girl who taught him in a better way what love is all about. He loved her for being human and flawed. He loved her unconditionally in spite of her imperfections. He would have been a fool to love something as passing as her looks. It was something else entirely that kept him drawn to her: the spark of who she truly was when she was with him. The way she behaved, the way she made him better. It was the diamond of her soul, which also shaped his.
That’s why he moved forward slowly, paying attention to each step he took, but at the same time keeping the connection between their eyes alive and burning bright. When he reached her, the space between them vanished and he carefully placed one hand on the small of her back while with the other one he interlaced his fingers with hers. In that instant moment, he felt a rush through his body and he knew that he gave her the best of him: his heart.
They started swaying on the rhythms of waltz and the love between them moved freely. They swayed and swayed and swayed on the sound of music, feeling like the dance would last as long as their love would: forever.

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