My blog title (explained)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”

Have you ever read a good book? Like a really good book? Well, I did… and an amazing, unique blog title came out.

By now you might have wondered: “What does My happiness is an allegory means”?

My story is that I was in a place of despair, anger, darkness and complete emptiness when I first started writing. So, the title couldn’t come out any different from a book filled with all of these emotions. A book called “Norwegian Wood”. It doesn’t have a happy ending, but it is well-written. When I first decided to make a blog I didn’t know how to name it. I needed something new that will catch the attention, something that will make the reader wonder: “where does this come from?”.

I tried a lot of names, but none of them seemed to match my personality. Suddenly, I remembered a quote from “Norwegian Wood”:

“Happiness is an allegory, unhappiness a story.”- Lev Tolstoy

Then, I thought about my life and that fact that allegory is “a figure of speech in which abstract ideas and principles are described in terms of characters, figures and events” (thanks Mainly, an allegory makes something abstract as happiness likely to be described in concrete terms.

My life story was the inspiration for the title, the saying and the fact that I always loved to describe abstract terms in a concrete way. Through stories, characters. events.

For me, unhappiness was already a story. The second part of the quote was simple. It was the first part that caught my attention. My thinking was something like this in that moment: “If my unhappiness is a story, what is my happiness?” Quickly, I found the answer: “An allegory”.

I got back and typed my blog name: “My happiness is an allegory”.

Since then, this has become my blog title. I don’t know if I will ever change it..but I think it describes me well-enough.

Looking back now, I see that in every story I write there is allegory.Sometimes, I do it unconsciously. Sometimes, I don’t.

For me, a story is just a mask. A surface. What I try to convey is important. Even with this title, there was something behind it.

I’m thinking now that reading a story is like receiving a gift. When you read the words and interpret them in your own way (I love the thing that reading is subjective) you look at the packing, but you don’t really open the gift. I’m not saying that this is bad. That’s how it is.

It’s good in a way. With many stories you can hurt people who you care about…and you simply don’t want that. With others, you wish that the people around you will understand what was actually in your mind when you wrote it.

I love my blog title. I always will. It describes me perfectly. I am the writer who has at least an allegory in each story. Lucky or heartbroken are the ones who see what’s inside the gift.

Lots of love,

My happiness is an allegory


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MJ Brodeck
    Jun 22, 2015 @ 15:30:43

    Now I have to check out the book Norwegian Wood 🙂
    Clever blog title.
    MJ 🙂


    Jun 28, 2015 @ 10:38:56

    Thank you for writing. 🙂


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