In response to Poetry 101 Rehab challenge on the topic of FOUND.

“Wanna tell you a secret?
I found perfection and I lost it.”

I found perfection and I lost it,
In a blink of an eye…
When I was in a blind search for the truth,
I saw myself unworthy,
I saw myself imperfect.
Something I thought people can be?
I found perfection in an ancient beauty queen,
Who, sadly, doesn’t have a throne
And neither is she perfect.
I found perfection in an illusion,
An illusion I fell in love with,
An illusion that broke my empty heart.
I found perfection in some eyes as sweet as drugs,
Which made me shiver under my skin,
Some eyes that left me dead inside.
And even outside.
I found perfection in a destination
When all this time
It was only a way of travelling.
I lost perfection,
Only to find it again,
This time, in imperfection.