Option 1: Sentence Starter –

The first time I died, I was nineteen years old, and resigned to my fate; the second time was a different story.

This sentence can appear anywhere in the story. The maximum word count is 1,000 words. The genre can be any of your choosing; either factual or fiction based. You may use art to interpret the sentence, or poetry if you wish.

Option 2: Fanfiction –

Write a scene which highlights an unexpected connection between two or more of your favourite characters in film, television, or literature.

I’ll choose option one.

The first time I died, I was nineteen years old, and resigned to my fate; the second time was a different story. How is it possible for a human being to truly provide an accurate description of death? I mean, you just go completely numb and there is emptiness. But first, it’s pain. So much pain that it shatters you completely. Just like easily breaking a pencil. One moment and it’s over. The first time I died was not really a death in a sense of having a funeral or something. It was more like a death of perception, a death of reality, of the world I’ve been living in for nineteen years without truly knowing who I was. My old beliefs  were crumbling and I was crumbled up on the floor crying because I had no idea what was happening to me. It hurt. I was screaming and it was not ending. I felt trapped and I couldn’t escape it. How can you escape death of perception, really? There’s no point in fighting it either, which I did and it only made everything worse. But then, I did the normal thing anyone could do, I resigned to my fate…or faith. Whatever. I had no choice. I had to accept the fact that I will be a better person now, seeing the world differently, from a place of love instead of fear. I just let everything go and I created space for a new belief system based on compassion. My death was painful, but it was worth it.

The second time, well, my soul left my body….and I was scared. It was weird, in a way…because I came back, trying to make sense of it and all was left there were more questions I couldn’t answer. I told my psychologist that I saw myself dying, but I knew that it was a lie because I came back…and she only told me that this is completely normal, which really freaked me out. When I left my body I was not having senses. I could touch things, get hurt, without feeling anything…and that really freaked me out. Then, I woke up and realised it was kind of dream, but it was a weird dream and the pattern kept repeating. Out of body experiences and it worn me out. So, yeah, that’s pretty much how death felt to me.


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