To all my friends

I have the most amazing friends ever. I can’t even describe in words how much I love them. They are truly beautiful: inside and out and I am really grateful for everything they ever did for me: good and bad. In the end, every little action helped me to become a better person. I am truly grateful because they stayed by my side when I deserved it the least, when I was an impossible person to be loved, when I was stressed and when I was in pain. They made me smile when I thought there was not even a single bit of love left in my heart. They gave me hope and courage to face any difficulty and keep my head up. They taught me that one word, one smile, one gesture can change someone’s life forever and that’s why you should always try to be as kind as possible. They taught me that I do deserve to be happy, although nothing is happening the way I want. They taught me to shade my tears and get back up again. They taught me how to smile again even with the broken pieces of my heart. They taught me that it’s okay to feel whatever you feel…and that even pain morphs itself into love, bringing all its glory along with it.
I have amazing friends, true friends, something which money can’t buy. They are the best gift I could ever receive and I do appreciate their support, their dedication, their attention and their love…since all of this made me feel like I mean something to someone and that many people look up to me. I might as well try to be a good example, then. Most importantly, they taught me to love and respect myself more and I can’t explain how thankful I am for that.
Finally, they showed me that opening your heart is a good thing, although it might get broken. If it’s in the name of friendship and love, then it’s worth it. You can put the broken pieces back together and build a masterpiece.
I have to admit that they taught me many life lessons, but the one closest to my heart is this: if after all the pain, all the suffering, all the heartbreak, the sleepless nights, the teary eyes, the struggle, the inner conflict, the trauma and the unbearable chest pain you can still smile, love and be kind, then you can’t call it a loss since it’s definitely the most valuable gain.
Do you know why? It’s more precious than gold and it’s built on the one thing that ever mattered: love.


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