Thank You

It’s such a special time of the year. Happiness is all around us. Love is flooding our hearts with its innocence, healing every little scar that might have remained open. The smiles of those dear to us are making our souls glitter even in the darkest of nights. The shiny Christmas lights are clearing  the path towards our safe haven: our sweet little home. Somehow, everything just reminds us of the beauty hidden deep down inside of us.There are so many things that we take for granted like the coffee that we drink every morning, the books that hide magical worlds beneath their covers, the music that matches our mood all the time and even the postcards filled with the most inspiring words. Sadly, we also neglect those who care about us the most when we should be thankful for their presence in our life. When we go through tough times we tend to treat those who give us a hand of help in a rude way….but that’s simply life, I suppose, and we have to admit that everyone makes mistakes.

Some of the most amazing persons are usually neglected, like the creative and intelligent people. They are misfits by nature since they challenge the status quo and don’t follow the crowd, but without these people we probably wouldn’t have had so many breakthroughs when it comes to science, for instance.

We need to value more what we have, our family and friends and even the things that seem unimportant, because we use them so often. For example, we don’t appreciate the wonderful colours, which bring a smile to our face, but without them our world would be dull. Would you like to live in a grey world, without any positivity?  Your soul would definitely feel empty and dry.

It’s time to be grateful for the little things….and that’s exactly what me and my friends wanted to show when we made this video. We had a lot of fun while filming it. Two of my friends danced on rock music. We ate an entire chocolate while the camera boy was filming (that must have been a little heartbreaking). A friend said “I love you, mom” in Hungarian and Larisa’s laughter made us all burst out laughing. I cried (that was the serious part) and trust me, it’s not fake. If someone can fake crying like that, I respect that person with all my heart. A friend fell out of the bed and it was a little bit funny (no one was badly injured). All in all, we made some memories worth remembering.

Before showing you the video, there are two persons I want to say “thank you” to, because without them this video wouldn’t have been possible: Victor, the guy who took some time from his busy schedule to come and film us and Andrei, the guy who took 3 hours and a half to edit our video, although he had a lot to study for university. I really appreciate everything you guys did for us and I think that I am talking in everybody’s name when I say that this video is what it is due to your dedication, support, love, friendship and talent. Keep up with the good work!

Note: The 25th thing is an abbreviation from “It Takes Courage” since you need to be brave all the time when it comes to life.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chaitanya Haram
    Dec 26, 2015 @ 16:56:45

    Nice article!!! 🙂


  2. myhappinessisanallegory
    Jan 10, 2016 @ 21:08:06

    Thanks 🙂


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