Why I write


Why do I write? Why do I feel? Ask me why I love someone and my answer would be: “I just do”.

Well, I write because I need to make sense of what’s happening around me, of the music stuck inside my heart and on my rough edges who need polishing. I write because I either feel everything at once or nothing at all. I want to say that there is nothing in between, but there is since life has many shades of grey. Usually, when I write I feel every piece of my body coming alive from the ashes. I write because I have dreams and I can say something about anything. The tree you just saw yesterday? The stars at night? The cute boy at the cafe who smiled at you ? Count me in, I can write about that, too.

I write because I feel like home whenever I have a pencil and a notebook in my hand. I write because I like to make people smile…or cry…or feel something. That’s the right word: “feel”. I like to make people feel whatever I feel at some point in time. I write because I feel everything so very deeply. I write because I feel jealous, envious, hurt, betrayed, lost, empty, happy, loved, taken cared of, peaceful, satisfied, determined, honest and powerful. I write because whenever I do so I am not myself anymore, but I suddenly become the Queen of Hearts. A queen who has the opportunity to create a kingdom through her stories, to leave a legacy behind. I write because I still believe in happy endings, dreams coming true and the beautiful side of life. I write, because sometimes I need to escape the world and understand better what is going on inside of me.

What makes my writing so good? I’ll tell you a little secret. I thought that I didn’t know, but I did….I realised it only when someone told me that something has changed in my writing style. I became more focused on the depth of my stories, of their souls, of their hearts, of the way they were felt. I always did that, but not in such a profound way. I have to admit that I was pretty superficial most of the time, although it doesn’t seem like that from the outside. Now, my stories are more touching and more powerful than before, because I give my whole heart when I write them , although it might get broken. I don’t care. I’m ready for the risk.

Let me tell you a little secret, as I said. The secret is that I love people, life, nature and every good and bad thing that happened. I feel love and I know that this is the source that’s driving my writing and it will always be. I’m not scared to admit that, because that’s why I do it. I write because I feel love and everything else is just around it. Love for good and bad things, love for art, love for my friends, love for my parents, love for writing.

I write, because that’s the way I heal…and that’s what makes me happy.

But most importantly, I write because in front of a piece of paper I can always be myself. No judgements and no lies.

I write because I like to look back and be grateful for the way I am living my life.

I write simply because what I say sounds good.

To sum up, I write because I feel…and it’s just like the way you love someone. You just do.

P.S: That’s a picture of me writing, made by one of my best friends. For more awesome pictures, check her facebook profile: https://www.facebook.com/iuly.muntean.3

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