Do it for you!

“Do you have dreams? Like really weird, crazy, impossible dreams?

Like once in a lifetime kind of dreams? I know you do, because I do, too.”

I’m sorry if you thought  about the dreams you have when you go to sleep and everything is perfect in  your own little world. I’m not . I’m talking about your goals, your purpose in life, your calling. Why give up on your dreams? Don’t you want to fly? Don’t we all want to fly?

Once, I was a little girl thinking about how one day I would become the best writer…and guess what? I waited and waited and waited…for the right circumstance, for the right opportunity, for a chance…I just waited, without actually working. Guess what! Nothing happened, because I never actually worked for it and if you don’t work for something, don’t get disappointed when you don’t get the reward. Nothing will ever be right, no matter how much you wait and hope. You have to make the best of what you’ve got. You have to make the best of your life circumstance. Only one person can do it and that’s person is ….YOU.

I have been writing for more than one year and trust me, my style has changed a lot, because I wrote a lot. I tried new things. I wrote various stuff. I become a better person.

Now, back to you. I know you have dreams, because when you think about what you want your whole heart is screaming “yes” and a big smile appears on your face. So, why waste your time? Why not pursue your passions? Why always wait for something greater to appear when you already have everything it takes to make those dreams come true? Don’t let them become full of dust, forgotten in a corner, because you simply don’t have the courage to pursue them. Let me tell you a secret: “We are all scared here, okay? Even me.” Some people may say: “It’s easy for her. She has is all figured it out.” No, trust me, I don’t. I go through struggles like every single one of you…and yes, it’s hard. You can always take the easy road, but do you really want that? Do you really want to settle for mediocrity? Do you really want something ordinary or do you want a masterpiece?

I bet that those of you reading this would want a masterpiece. Why not create one? Why let your dreams die?

You can take the easy road, I know, but I learned the hard way that the easy road, it’s not worth it…and most of the time it won’t make you happy. So, keep your dreams alive! Do it for the one person who will always be there for you no matter what happens: yourself….because darling, if you don’t put your happiness first, no one else will.

Keep dreaming! Start working! Never forget to smile!



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