Into the light

This is a story about a good friend of mine, a writer that I come across by chance one day, a person who is actually really talented at drawing, as well. She has recently made a Facebook page about her drawings and I truly believe that she manages to touch people’s souls through her art, so I wanted to know her hidden story, her ups and downs and her love for this particular hobby.

Like every little kid who gets a pencil in her hand, she started drawing. At first, nothing amazing, just simple stuff. She drew only to get rid of the boredom around her and just do something fun for a change. She never thought that drawing would become a huge part of her life…until she made a folder full of drawings. You know what they say: “the best things in life usually happen unexpectedly”. In that moment everything changed, because she truly started to appreciate the beauty she could create only using a pencil, a piece of paper and some colours. She started to draw more and 12662604_947003655392805_9097717916648977169_nmore, to create more complex shapes and figures…and suddenly drawing became more than just a simple thing she did when she was bored. It became a part of her life. She worked to learn how to draw better…and two years ago she drew her first portrait, which brought her back to another startling truth: drawing became more than just work , it became a friend for her, a true friend which she could always counted on when she wanted to take a break, to unleash her feelings and open up her heart in front of the white piece of paper. She planted a seed and a huge beautiful tree came to life.

For me, that is truly inspiring and really touching.I wish I could tell you that “this is it: just a simple girl who likes to draw and write from time to time”, but I would lie both to myself and to you…because the story is not over yet.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to belive in ourselves and in our skills…and my friend made no exception. She went through a lot of ups and downs when it comes to drawing, because she used to be really hard on herself and listen fondly to her own inner critic and the harsh remarks of those around her. Eventually, we all have to slay some dragons until we find the castle we were dreaming about. Despite her insecurity and her belief that she could never call herself an artist she made a Facebook page to prove that , at least in her eyes, she is good at drawing. I believe that she was pretty brave to dismiss her fear and the opinion of others and come out of darkness directly into the spotlight. She published her drawings and of course, everyone loved them…and she has some amazing portraits that I believe you should definitely check out.

I think that her favourite quote says more about her than my words ever would:“Do what you love and love what you do.” One strong girl co12715486_950427308383773_4484834125013946991_nmes out of the shadows, slashes insecurity, looks fear in the eye and wins at life. How does it sound to you?…because to me it is truly impressing.

A writer. An artist. A story. A phoenix coming alive… and most importantly a strong woman who believes in herself and has the courage to go after what she wants.

Writing and drawing is all about expressing feelings and knowing that the judgement of others doesn’t matter anymore. When two different worlds collide something magnificent happens: a spark of magic escapes from one’s fingertips and becomes a story about success, a story about encouraging others to work hard and never give up. The story of my friend: Bianca Chis.

Here is the link to her blog:

Here is her Facebook Page with drawings:

P.S: The drawings on the left are hers 🙂


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  1. andy1076
    Feb 12, 2016 @ 18:01:03

    There’s so much life and emotion coming from the drawing of the cute mouse alone, talented in the art of words and drawing indeed 🙂


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