Love Letter

Dear self,

I’ve known you for 18 years now and ,still, you never cease to amaze me. You are a truly wonderful person and I guess I should finally tell you what I love about you.

First of all, I think you are a really good writer, although sometimes you are too modest to take the responsibility for it. I am very proud of the way you promote your friends through your articles and I really admire how you inspire others to become better persons through what you write. You’ve done a good job so far, so keep up with the good work! I guarantee you it was worth every single minute you spent writing in order to make someone else smile or just open up your heart and share how you feel with others. I guarantee you that making a blog despite the fear of not being a good enough writer was a good choice after all, because now there are so many people who look up to you, read and enjoy your posts. I think you exceeded  your expectations when it comes to writing and your writing style became shaped by the changes in your life.

Secondly, I truly love the fact that you remain positive no matter what happens. You keep your head up, you smile and shrug it off. You always manage to put things into perspective, to look at the positive side instead of the negative. This gives you a lot of power and makes you a brave person. Also, you see your flaws and mistakes and you try to work with them not against them.If someone gives you darkness you know how to make light out of it. Don’t you think that’s lovely?

Sometimes when you cry, you help others and they don’t even know it. They have no idea how you feel. I believe you should be a little more selfish at times, in a good way. You are a good person and somehow, no matter what you do, you always manage to light a spark in someone’s eyes or touch someone’s heart wherever you go. Darling, I think that the energy you give off makes others trust you in such a way that they tell you their deep and darkest secrets…and you keep them, because you are a trustworthy person.

Thirdly, I’m proud that you know how to make friends. You surround yourself with creative people who make you proud, because they are so good at what they are doing. You surround yourself with people who encourage you to give your best all the time, give good advice and help you when you need it. I think it’s a treasure to have such amazing friends who support you, listen to you, smile and cry with you.

Finally, your dedication to be as happy as possible makes me smile. Your work towards your dreams fills me with joy. The fact that you learn something new every day when it comes to psychology and understanding yourself enriches your view of the world. The fact that you remain true to yourself makes you stand out from the crowd and I really like that about you.

I love a lot of things about you. Here is just a short list that I made up in a rush….but I strongly believe that what I love the most about you is the fact that you love others the way you love yourself: unconditionally.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. BiancaBia
    Feb 14, 2016 @ 14:31:32

    A true writer with class! Good job!~ ^^


  2. vivachange77
    Feb 15, 2016 @ 19:21:45

    Lovely Valentine to yourself.


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