Be yourself, because yourself is the best person you can be. Comparisons won’t get you further in life and neither will complaining. You are unique. You are special. You are beautiful. You are your own version of perfect, so why try to be someone else’s? Just because they told you that’s the norm? Just because they’re popular? Forget it. You are you…and for whatever reason: that’s enough. Love yourself and forget about the others. If you don’t make yourself happy, no one else will. Smile more often. Dance. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Dream big. Help others. Dare to think outside the box. Have fun with your friends. Listen to music. Be young and be free. Get closer to your heart and always remember how special you are!

You do know that you have that special something which makes you so attractive: it’s called kindness…and kindness can’t be bought with money. Isn’t it awesome to have something for yourself? Isn’t it awesome to have a good heart? Isn’t it amazing to have people in your life who love and support you? I think it is.

Life is too short to worry about things that don’t matter. Life is too short to be sad and miserable. You deserve an inspiring journey in which you wake up every day and thank God, because you are still alive and breathing. You deserve a journey in which  you are grateful, because you have the power to get back up again and fight no matter how many times you’ve been hurt. You are a wonderful person and just in case you forgot, I wanted to remind you about the power inside your heart.

I hope this lifts you up.

Lots of love,

Queen of Hearts

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