Your life, your choice

How does it feel like to compare yourself to others all the time? Take my word for it, it’s really tiring….and it doesn’t bring you any benefit. There have been moments in my life when I’ve compared myself to other people and I did that pretty often until I realised that I was creating suffering for the only person that was living my life: myself. I either made myself look superior to others or I made myself look like an awful person. I think that in both of these cases the reason was the same: I had a lack of self-confidence. I didn’t believe in me enough to be who I was and admit that I was far away from my ideal of perfection. After all, it was fine…since perfection doesn’t exist, I don’t need a box to fit into anymore and neither do the people around me. I live my life and I choose to be who I am….and not just that, but to honour the fact tha I am unique and no one else is like me. I’m not saying this in a superior way, just stating the obvious truth.

It gets tiring to try to live someone else’s idea of your life instead of living for yourself. It can make you sad, bitter and angry. You have to be yourself no matter what, because you need to write your own stories. What colours you choose to colour the pages with, it must be yours. The words you say. The actions you do. Those are yours. It will never be others’ since you have your own unique journey here on Earth.

So, if no one’s path is the same and no one goes through the things that you go through, why bother to compare? It would be like comparing a purse with a book. It doesn’t make any sense….Why would you do that? Just because you don’t feel that you are good enough? We all feel down sometimes…and it’s okay, but you have to understand that you have the right to inhabit your life. You must become responsible for the way you react to situations, for the words you speak and for the things you think. Most importantly, you are justified and entitled to your feelings. This doesn’t mean that you have to be mean to others, but this is another subject.

We all have a purpose. I know I have dreams that I want to achieve and I can’t do that if I keep myself stuck on idea that: “I will never reach that place, because I’m not like him or her.” At some point, I grasped everything I’ve said I’d never have and I realised that I was blocked by an illusion. A fantasy.

We don’t have to live in the past. It happened and it has no power over us now. The best thing to do is accept it and move on. Everyone deserves a chance to be themselves and discover the beauty which lives inside their heart. Take risks. Think big. Smile often…and forget about judgements. People will always say what they want to say, anyway…but the thing is: they don’t live your life, you do.

Lots of love,

Queen Of Hearts


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