The Love Inside My Heart

Every object has a story just like every person has one. It took me some time to realise how much the life of the storyteller affects the story, but what I believe is that there is one force, one energy, one power and one magical spell that bounds all the stories together. There is something perfect in all our lives and we all go through it at different paces. We look up to the beauty of the works of art. We admire the rain. We breathe and we smile often, because there is one reason that makes our lives worth living and that is love.

Love starts wars and ends them. It gives life to the stories of a writer and makes the world go round. Love brings pain and joy. Love is unbreakable even after all the experiences that made our hearts break. Love makes people grow roots and love makes us come back home after we’ve been away for so long. Love us look at a certain person as if we’ve never seen them before and think:’you are beautiful’. Love makes us dream about better places and smile in our sleep. Love makes the impossible become possible and  perfection attainable. Love shatters every rule that we have ever made.. Love makes us all fragile and sensitive. Love cuts us all wide open like a knife because it knows that our hearts must grow fonder. Love changes us. For better or for worse that is up to us to decide. The truth is that we live because we love everything. Wherever we go and whatever we see, we find a piece of someone’s soul in it. We find someone’s feelings of compassion in a drawing. We discover the beauty of nature in someone’s photograph. We admire the mystery of a handmade object. We see love everywhere we go: inside or outside ourselves.

There is love in a romantic relationship just like there is love between a mother and a child. There is love between a man and his animals and definitely there is some kind of love in all our relationships , even in friendships. Love is the source of our lives. It is the essence from which all of us are born and all of us aspire to come back to it. Love is the most innocent and the most glorious feeling the human beings have been blessed to experience.

Love is just beyond words, but all I know is that it gives us hope when we find ourselves hopeless. It brings a smile to our faces when we are sad and it wipes away our tears when we cry. Love gives us wings when we have forgotten how to fly. Love gives a meaning to a sentence when there is none to be found.…but the love inside our hearts makes us unstoppable. If there is one feeling that touches our souls and makes us lose ourselves in the process that is love. We wake up one day and realise that almost everything we see around us has a little bit of love in it and we ask ‘why’ countless times until it hits us. The truth is that we can’t live without love, because without it our world would be empty, sad and heartbroken.

So, as I said, every person has a story and if you want to know what makes mine special, what drives me, just read this 4 letter word: love…and I guess you already know everything. My stories are written in blood-red ink by the most powerful force that I have come across during my life: the love inside my heart.


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