What Makes Me Happy

This is written by a very good friend of mine, so I hope you like it.

,,What makes me happy? This is a good question. Okay, let’s see…

I like long walks and video games, reading books and talking a lot, music and hugs. I really love hugs.

These things make me happy, but if there is something in this world that makes me happy, then my friends definitely do that.

Until this year I had been alone, I mean  not really alone, because I had a family and I still have it. What I want to say is that I used to be ,,the lonely wolf”.

No friends, no social life, nobody my age to talk to. Okay, I had a friend until he decided to go to Alba Iulia to become a priest. So, with my friend in another city, my grandma in Germany and my parents working, all I had were the video games. Have I learnt something? Yeah! I learnt that killing is fun as long as we are talking  about the video games.

Okay, back to our story.

One day, my friend invited me to a party (it was his birthday). There, I met some very friendly people and some of them became my friends.

After this party, I began to be more confident than before and actually want to meet new people. So, when I heard about an English Camp for teenagers I said to myself: ,,Now I have the chance to meet new people and speak English”. Even if I was very nervous on the first day, I enjoyed the following four days.

After that, I worked as a volunteer at the Craftsman’s Fair for the same reason: I wanted to meet new people and make friends. The fair ended and I was alone again.

After a month, my friend (the future priest) asked me if I wanted to go to the European Orthodox Teenagers Meeting and I said ,,yes”. I met there a lot of friendly, fantastic and open-minded people. Those people understood me, listened to me, helped me and in the end, they became my friends.

So, you can say that the lonely wolf found a pack.

They are not just my friends, they are my second family. I would be nothing without them and I really love them with all my heart.

So, the answer to the question: ,, what makes me happy?” is definitely ,,my  friends”. “



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