Look in the mirror


It’s funny how destiny makes its way through the creaks of your heart,

How one day you look in the mirror

And don’t know yourself any longer

Because the girl looking back at you

Has millions of unspoken words on her lips, scars hidden in her heart,

And regrets, a lot of them…

Just because she grew up.


It’s funny how time passes and it changes you,

It sharpens your mind,

Opens up your soul,

Makes you work more,

Dream less,

See the world differently,

Lose a piece of your innocence each time you love someone

And fall down more times than you can count with your fingers

Until one day

You look back at yourself in the mirror hanging on the wall,

Not only at yourself, but at your whole life

And simply realise how much has changed,

How much you’ve changed.

Now you can smile at your worst nightmares,

Conquer them all

While cherishing the good memories.

Thank the past for its lessons,

Letting go

And loving who you are today:

The flower who bloomed in places where others died,

The soldier who made it home after the war,

Lived his trauma of killing people

And survived.

The writer with words scattered on paper

Because of the pain of her loneliness.

The girl who grew up,

Grew wiser

And hugged everything tight

Realising that the process wasn’t heartbreaking,

It was beautiful.





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