Dear 5 year old me

Dear 5-year-old me,
You are a girl in a pink dress
With eyes made of sparkling stars
And an innocent heart
Believing the best about the world
With a smile as wide as Eifel Tower
And a love bigger than life itself.
When you grow up
Do not let anyone dim your shine
They’ll try to fit you in a box,
Make your curves less edgy,
More round….
Tell them to try harder and do not listen
Because you were not made to be a plastic doll
But to stand out from the crowd
And voice injustice even when your words are trembling
Because that’s who you are.
Do not let them make you become their version of perfect
Become yours instead….
Because who you are is not makeup or pictures
But vulnerability and inner beauty….
And the way you cry yourself to sleep or write at 3 a.m in your room
When everyone is too busy to notice.
Dear 5-year-old me
I know that you are way too naive to see what’s coming next
And you have such a good heart
Seeing the best in people….
Do not let this world break it….
And I’m saying this because I know it will
You would be fed revenge and heartache at every corner
Doors will close in front of you from the dearest of people
And you would live in the cold for months
Waiting to receive a jacket….
And nobody will come.
You would want to give all your dreams up,
Screw the goodness inside of you
And become harsh
Because this cruel reality does not deserve such a beautiful person like you
Who sees the best in everything….
You would want to collect shatter dreams in a bucket
Write lists of the people who’ve done you wrong
Burn them alive, hurt them
So that they would feel the pain that you have felt
When they said “goodbye”.
You would want to give up the way you’re seeing the world
To get a new pair of eyes,
To see reality as it is….a dark place where half humans live
And monsters are disguised in angels from time to time
Where the hero who was supposed to save you from the fire
Was the one who started it in the first place….
And where nothing is right….
Because that is the world – a mess of choices we all make
And mostly they are all screwed up.
Dear 5-year-old me,
You still read fairy tales
And this world would take them away from you
Make you question about their meaning,
Wonder if there are heroes after all
Or just human beings who make mistakes
And then forgive.
Dear 5-year-old me,
This world would feed you hatred
Please give it back love,
People would bring you down,
Please choose to get back up
Over and over and over again…
Not because this harsh place deserves you
But because you can make it better….
You can be the one whose dreams did not die
When all the others chose to give them up….
You chose to fight for the words inside of you….
And see the beauty of an ideal perspective,
Of a place in which goodness do exist
And even though the villain was your best friend
You still believed in friendship….
And although your heart has been broken….
You still chose to fall in love…harder than before, better than yesterday.
Dear 5-year-old me,
This world would try to take away your shine
Do not dim yourself for God’s mercy
Because you are a beautiful young lady with so much more to give….
And we are all stuck in this rollercoaster called life,
Trying to figure it all out….
Get your box full of darkness and create a rainbow,
If the sky is black, paint it with stars….
And please, 5-year-old me,
Remain always as sweet as a child….
And never forget
That you have so much more to give to life than a story,
You have a heart to love for,
A heart that’s beating in your chest
Telling you to love people and life and scars
Because they will make you who you are….
Dear 5-year-old me,
I believe that you would become a beautiful young lady
Who stays tall no matter how many rocks are thrown at her,
The girl who could hear every goodbye ever said all over again
And still, live…..and still be a good person at heart.
Dear 5-year-old me,
Do not become empty
Become whole with every new experience
And no matter what happens
Never forget to smile.


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