My first love never saw me naked

My first love never saw me naked

But it was something beautiful about that….

Because we did not share skin, we shared stories of ourselves,

We opened up our eyes to see the beauty of the world….

We went from cocoons to butterflies to dandelions being carried away by the wind

And back again…

Because we knew that it was more to love than passion

Than fire set ablaze in two bodies

Than that physical need to fill a space inside of you

That would probably always remain empty….

For us, love was innocent

Love was blind,

We kissed under the moon every night

Our faces glittering in the darkness

And we watched movies about superheroes

Because we liked to believe that our pink love could save the entire universe

When we knew from the start how much of a lie that was.

We talked about problems the way we talked about food

Trying to figure out the path we should go on while holding hands.

We laughed and took so many pictures

Of hugs, kisses on cheeks and smiles

That would later I would turn into poetry

While he would be in his bed, sleeping

They’ll become different words….

As innocent as our love was

And just as beautiful.

No, we did not share skin

But we were happier than ever

Because we both loved each other

And what could be more beautiful than having that intimacy?

It collided with the Sun,

Making gaps in the atmosphere

Because it was that easy not to show all your private parts….

But instead, our mistake was that we did not know bodies

We knew souls….

And it was harder to give up knowing something you can always find within yourself…..

I’ve never seen him naked,

But I saw how his eyes light up when he was talking about his biggest dreams

How his lips formed into a smile when he said “I love you”

How he always wanted to protect me from pain,

Even after he made me feel damaged.

It’s true,

If anyone wants to judge we did not make love,

But we made poetry….

And I wouldn’t trade a love as pure as that

For just  skin and bones,

For “making love” as this society calls it….

With him, I made love 10 times better

With more passion and dedication

And I do believe that it was the best love I’ve made

While not being naked.

We had 2 hearts and we melted them into one

And if someone asked me if it’s worth a love as innocent as that

I’d say “yes”

Because I knew how much we loved each other only by reading texts

And I think that nothing in this world

Would ever compare to our sunshine,

To the lights radiating from two souls

Who did not see hidden parts of bones….

But discovered entire galaxies inside their chests….

And trust me,

A love who makes you write poetry is the best kind….

Sometimes, I just wish I would know how to stop writing you

Because in that way words would stop being painful

They’ll be just words…

And our break up would be nothing more than a break up….

But you know I can’t stop

‘Cause our love made me see the world in different colours

And all I do is tell it back how much I love you.


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